Completing a Year with The Game

Hey everyone, Greetings from India,
Finally it has been an year (12 Months and 18 days, so technically a Year :sweat_smile:) since I started playing this game again, and boy oh boy, was it full of progress.
Though I joined the Forums in January 2022, I believe most of my progress was after I joined the forum, if only it wasn’t for the wonderful people of the forum, I don’t think I would be where I am in terms of knowledge I have about the Game, knowledge that I am still uncovering to this day, Thank you so very much, I wont be able to name all of you but do believe me when I say I learnt something from almost all of you, veterans and new players.
When I came back, I didn’t have goals, I was just happy to be back, to see my park and Dinosaurs again (apart from my goal of maxing Indominus Rex :grin:), that was it, I started out with maxing out legendaries and opening some of those 10K packs to have some Lvl 20 VIP’s for the tournaments, then I started winning in Tournaments (around 2 or 3 months after joining) and the DNA I had saved up went into making Lvl 30 Tourneys, Slowly I got to a point where the top of my lineup wasn’t so Imbalanced, and then I found the Forums.
I joined the Forums and read almost every major thread in a day or two, and so the real Progress started. I took me 2 Months to balance my Lineup (though it did have ferocity gaps, they weren’t as huge as the ferocity gap compared to before).

Now I would like to share bit of background before sharing my current lineup:
I joined the Game around late 2015 with the only goal of getting my hands on Indominus Rex. I had to leave the game due to me focusing more on my studies, probably around late 2017 because I vividly remember getting my hands on Eryops before going.
Also I would like to share a reconstruction (edit) of what my lineup looked like before leaving/coming back:
Old Lineup edit
This is as far as I can remember, because I didn’t screenshot much of my progress as I never thought that in 5 or 6 years I would be joining this wonderful forum to share my achievements, to let others know that it is possible to progress in the game without spending a dime, even more than what I have achieved.

Now for the Big Reveal, the new Lineup:

I think I did a pretty decent job with my progress, though I am open to any new suggestions as I know that my Lineup drops off at the bottom with the volume of creatures I have and some of the ferocity gaps :sweat_smile:

As for the present day, I am no longer playing the game, and No Ludia/moderators, before you flag this post for being a “Oh I am Leaving this game Blah Blah Blah” type post, hear me out, I am going on an extended Break, for about a year (maybe I’ll return at the end of next year, depends on how the future plays out). The past 2 months have been difficult, I wasn’t making as much progress due to some personal losses, also because I have entered the final year of schooling and I need to make a path for myself, a career so to say, for that I’ll have to prepare for all kinds of Entrance Exams in the field I want to go in and preparation for them requires time, hence why I haven’t been as active in the past few months (though I was never that active :sweat_smile: but for a socially awkward person like me, 1 or 2 posts a week was enough interaction :smile:)
Its been a wonderful year, though I will miss out on new creatures, the new hybrids and so much more, but I would love to stick around and see all of you experience that joy, in short I will always be here on the forums, just not interacting as such.
I would like to end this by again thanking all of you, I haven’t got much to add to this community, but I can act as a small example of what can be done when you give enough time and patience to the game, the progress we can make together.

If you reached this far, thank you for reading such a long post (with emphasis on long), it means a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing, was fun to read.