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Completing defence part of alliance missions when can’t battle


Atm there is so much trouble for so many people not being able to battle etc and it has been wildly reported all over forums etc
Are you going to expect same number of completed battles per rank in this weeks alliance missions ?
I am very sure a lot of alliances would be further on now if not for all the problems


This was a few hours ago. My alliance is doing good on battles despite the issues. :slight_smile:


I was just in middle of darting and suddenly this appeared, how can it be ?
I wasn’t even in the battle arena but darting dino’s
More so it removed trophies from me for the loss to


If you are in a battle and it times out, restart your game. You’re most likely still in a battle. That is probably why your game randomly did that. You kept playing after it timed out.


It did as just done it again, so why should I lose trophies because of it , took me forever to get in Sorna and now out because of battle being played which I am not part off


I need to try and battle for daily incubator and missions but can’t afford for this to keep happening when I try


At least its happening to everyone. So we are all getting screwed over.


Poor consolation really though


The key is if you time out a battle that had started, restart immediately for best chance of getting back in for a fight.

I’ve made it into Sorna now despite (and partially because of)!the bugs.

I’m optimistic that these growing pains will even out. But I’m a glutton for punishment.

I’m not sure about this matchmaking. I just barely beat a level 21 triple boosted paramoch. Probably only because the other player timed out. My highest is 19. I carry a level 15 Alanqa and 16 suchotater in general I would say a team should be able to beat a team 2-3 levels up but the boosts mean that level21 was even higher and I haven’t added any boosts yet and I’m fighting boosted teams