Completing 'Shield Breaker Duo' (Gameplay Video!)

Here is how I managed to defeat todays epic strike event!
Just remember that Kapra has swap-in strike so don’t leave your Dino on low health if it might get swapped in on you!
Also don’t underestimate them because they are just rare, at level 30 they do a TON of damage!


Nice one.

You did get insanely lucky though. Those RTC’s pretty much gave you a free turn.


Yup exactly, and the funny thing is im normally an EXTREMELY unlucky person irl so it was even more special that it worked out like that =D.

Even my Un-invincibility emu managed to figure out how to dodge (a bit anyway) for this video!

Maybe she knew she was on tv and was trying to make herself look good heheh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for the video. This strike was surpisingly easier than I expected. I eventually only had to use my monomimus lvl 16 and spinotasychus lvl 19. …rewards was crap though, as always: got bunch of koolasuchus and another worthles epic dibo with no hybrid potential…pfffff. no Ludia, i will still not spend a dime on your worthless incubators


Yeah I actually tend to be pretty lucky when it comes to rewards from epic strike events, but super unlucky in everything else!

When I seen I got over 300 Anky DNA I was so excited =D!

Wow! I am happy for you, mman! I wish i received anky dna too :slight_smile:

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