Compliant about sanctuary resources

why is the max interaction 8 when max food and max toys are 12? why isn’t the max interaction 12?

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Maybe because interactions are easier to get? Dunno, wierd isn’t it. I just want more ways to get toys and food and interactions

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Interactions aren’t easier to get. Each day i’ve got my max food and toys before I even get close to getting max interactions.

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I would quite happily spend dino bucks on food etc.

Why can’t they be in the market like everything else???


Same so would I, I’m hoping that one day theu will be. I wonder if they will do sanctuary strikes where you can get interactions, food and toys

I’ve noticed that, in the case of dinos I need, they never want interactions anyway. They want food and toys, which means I always wind up with more interactions than anything else.

I think interactions just equal the level of the sanctuary or something like that???

The way I see it is DNA is DNA however little and Ludia are essentially giving it away

Yeah interaction rewards are always very low on dinos, to the point where it feels like a waste doing it just for 2 dna.

Interacts are best used on high level epic dinos whose DNA you dont actually need IMO. You use them to level up the sanctuary faster and preferrably many members of alliance can do the same.