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Composocalus looks like legendry

I think it’s bug or something (or probably the ghost of dodocevia who possesses the calus) by which Composocalus looks like in legendry aura…

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I love how JWA is so glitched that you don’t even mention the glitch of there being two Compsocaulus models in the same spot :joy:


But does this mean we get to dart both? Bc it might.

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Because Ludia…

Probably just a visual glitch. Still funny nonetheless. :laughing:

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At least it was easy to tell which was witch at a glance. :sweat_smile:

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I see nothing wrong. Just a typical legendary hybrid - you know, one that is made by a Rare and Epic dino. We see that all the time, right? And look - it’s colored for the occasion. :kissing:

Me: mom can we have dodocevia at home?
Mom: we already have dodocevia at home
Dodocevia at home:

Thanks, Dev_Rai! I’ve sent the screenshot to our team.

bug (10 chars)

Ur welcome…