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Comprehensive Beginner's Guide

Hey all! I’ve been working on this project for a while, and if you’re a subscriber you’ve already seen the videos along the way.

I’ve created a comprehensive beginner’s guide to the game. I’ve included everything I think you need to know for the first stage of the game, and how to prepare your game for successful long term playing.

The topics I cover in order are:

  1. The kinds of dragons and how to obtain them
  2. Picking good gatherers
  3. Infrastructure, training, runes, etc.
  4. Journeys and Defend
  5. Brawl and Gauntlet
  6. Amber, Iron, and Speedrunning
  7. Misc: Rider Sub, Resources and Community

I’ve uploaded it both as shorter videos in a playlist and one long video for those who prefer long videos.

Playlist: [Comprehensive Beginner's Guide - YouTube]

Long form: [Complete Beginner's Guide to Rise of Berk (Long form Version) - YouTube]

Thank you for watching and I hope this helps whoever needs it!