Comprimensaurus Rex (FINAL)

The Final Version of C-Rex

Hybrid of :

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Komodo Dragon
Saltwater Crocodile
Orca / Killer Whale
African Grey Parrot
New Caledonian Crow

Some Details :

• Has arms that are almost as long as his legs and are strong

• Has 5 fingers including the thumb and it is equipped with nails/claws that are sharp, long and large enough. His legs are very strong and muscular while his arms are very strong and flexible like a human hand.

• Its legs are so strong and flexible that these dinosaurs can almost stand upright like humans or orangutans.

• Binocular vision and equipped with special eye protection similar to crocodiles for hunting in the water

• Its saliva is poisonous

• Has bulletproof skin and some body defenses.

• Super Strong bite force

• Has 3 different types of teeth, Giganotosaurus-like canines, T-Rex-like canines and molars.

• Has the sharpest eyesight & the sense of smell, compared to other dinosaurs and other animals including humans.

• his sense of hearing is among the best.


•big, agile and fast

• Very intelligent, more intelligent than a 7 Years old Kid

• Has a strong and flexible spine.

• Hunting in groups

• An Omnivore

Some of C-Rex’s Abilities :

• Can mimic sounds and voices

• Can grip the neck of a dinosaur and break it and sever and tear the body of a human or small dinosaur using his arms.

• Understanding some human words and commands, he understands how to use some devices if he is taught.

• Clever at deceiving.its preys

• Dominating the land as well as in the water (river/sea/etc).

•Good at climbing trees

• Their size is very Big but they can run pretty fast.

•Adult session•

Male C-Rex :

Weight : 9- 20 Tons
Height : 6 - 10 Meters
Length : 15 - 23 Meters
Speed : 28 Miles P/H
Bite Force : 9 - 12.5 Tons

Female C-Rex :

Weight : 6 - 18 Tons
Height : 5 - 8 Meters
Length : 12 - 16 Meters
Speed : 32 Miles P/H
Bite Force : 8 - 10 Tons

More information coming Soon…

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23 : 42 p.m. (Malaysia Time)
11th June 2022

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