Comprimensaurus Rex (Rebuild)

Well, this dinosaur’s name is Comprimensaurus Rex

What I can describe about this dinosaur is, it a bit different from the other hybrids.

This dinosaur was created by Combined some of the DNA of modern animals and dinosaurs

(Of the most / influential)
This (C-Rex) Contains DNA from :

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Komodo Dragon
Harpy Eagle
Saltwater Crocodile
Orca / Killer Whale
African Grey Parrot
New Caledonian Crow

Well, I don’t have time to explain this with details

C-Rex : Super Powerfull Bite Force, This dino is huge, It’s super genius (The most intelligent), have 5 Fingers with a strong grip and a Thumb. His saliva is very poisonous, Omg he can hop / jump like a kangaroo! He’s Reliable tree climber. His eyesight is as sharp as an eagle’s, it can be covered by a special crocodile membrane for diving and swimming. Can mimic a variety of sounds, his hands are very strong. Her body is covered with very hard skin. Loves to hunt in groups. Did I already tell you that he not only can jump / hop far on land but at altitude as well? He can walk two feet, four feet and even jump like a kangaroo if he wants to

How big and strong is a fully grown Female C-Rex?

*13 - 17 Meters Long
*5 - 8 Meters Tall
*Weighed about 7 - 18 Tons
Speed : about 30 Miles per hour
Bite force : 8 - 9 Tons

Meanwhile, A Fully grown Male C-Rex

15- 22 Meters Long
6 - 10 Meters Tall
Weighed about 9 - 23 Tons
Speed : about 26 Miles per hour
Bite force : 9 - 12 Tons

I just change the DNA a bit, from Dog’s DNA to Wolf’s

How does it look like?

I’m still thinking about it, but maybe like …

Trex with slightly longer jaws, much more canine teeth and shaped like shark teeth. It also has some molars, just a bit. Binocular vision with eagle eyes.

His hands and Legs are amazing, long, strong and flexible (Velociraptor + Orangutan). Has large claws and is large enough to climb and used as a weapon.

Has a shield plate on his body, The top of his head has hair / feathers from near the tip of the jaw to the head. The C-rex can even stand like a human but does not last long

He can strangle dinosaurs aand even break their necks using his hands. He can separate the bodies of small dinosaurs and humans into two pieces, in an cruel way and Separate their bodies using his hands, showing how strong and flexible the hands and legs are, with 5 fingers.

This dinosaurs (C-Rex) is actually omnivores, and not entirely carnivorous. He can eat fruit

You can probably imagine how C-Rex’s looks like.

I’m not good at drawing, if only anyone could draw a C-Rex. :slight_smile:

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@LegendaryDinos could you please draw @NanoSpectre’s idea.

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That’s going to be tricky but I’ll try!

What color is it? Does it have fur on it’s arm like orangutan? How long are they compared to it’s legs? Does it have 5 fingers including a thumb, or 5 fingers + 1 thumb? Would it’s teeth be tiger like? Or shark like? Would it also have feathers on the rest of it’s body?
Thank you

Hope you like it. If you want me to change?

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Colour? Well I dont exactly think about it (It’s up to you)
But around His Eyes, (You know? When Human dont get enough sleep. Yeah Panda’s Eyes, like that) C-Rex have panda’s eyes. The color for the panda’s eyes for this dinosaur is Shiny Gold for Male and Light Blue for female.

Around the corner of his elbow of the C-Rex’s hand, there are some furs that are colored according to the color of this dinosaur panda’s eyes (Gold for male, And Light Blue for female)

Yes, It have 5 Fingers including Thumb on his hand. Meanwhile, For the legs, I think that it should have 4 Fingers or even 5. (Not just 3)

Teeth? Combine both (tiger-like and shark-like). Dont forget He also has a few molars at the tip of the inside of his jaw (like a human) just far fewer.

Feathers? Head (like ur cool drawing, I appreciate that), Others? It’s up to you. I’m bad at designing.


Oh yes, For his Arm/Hands, Its length is about ⅘ from the length of its legs. But he was able to stand stably because of his very, very strong legs.

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Ok, thank you!


I will redo it later!

  1. Binocular Vision
  2. How bout, put some Furs at the anterior end of the lower jaw to only the male c-rex. females have no fur on the lower jaw.

Like a Beard lol :smiley:

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Is there Anything you want to add to the C-Rex?

I’ll come back to my Main Ludia Forum Acc for a while
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