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Compsocaulus Alert Scurry Bug

Alert Scurry says that the flock will regenerate 33% health if it is AT or under 66% health (game gives specific numbers for health level needed to activate regeneration). The move is not regenerating when AT the amount of health specified, only if it is under.

Just had two battles where this happened and the creature’s regeneration should have been activated. The health was at 2622 (again the move states 2622 OR LESS) for my creature (see screenshot of the moves details. Please fix this or state that it needs to be UNDER the 66% of health.

Were they at the threshold before you chose the move or after. Alert moves check for thresholds at the time ove move selection.


Makes sense, it was above the threshold. Still good to point out how it’s a bit complicated. I mean a paragraph to explain a move…yikes.