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Compsocaulus Darting Score

Well this is the most I’ve ever darted on a unique.

Now I can’t wait to get Compsognathus to 20 to finish making this thing. I’m so close.



I wish I had VIP too
Had to walk a few steps to get close enough, was in front of someone’s house, I only did one try because I saw the curtains moving and I felt like I was being watched… I don’t want people to think I was a stalker so I did one and walked away… only 120 :flushed:

Do you have VIP? i dont and i got 162 DNA, pretty good compared to my standards

Pretty good if I say so myself. Not the best I’ve done, which was around 180 DNA for Xerneas. But I’m still proud of my first go around for darting Compsocaulus.


I didn’t do great. I only managed 99. :cry:

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I got 152, which is pretty good for me considering that I was a fair distance away and I still have a partially broken touch screen.

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159 on non-VIP and not on full battery. I probably could’ve done better, but I’m happy enough with it.

Got 175 non vip, pretty happy with it

I didn’t do so well either. Only grabbed 86 DNA from her. :pensive:

olny got 52 dna on her

Not the best, but not the worst either. :upside_down_face:

Got 157 from 10 metres and non VIP. Happy with that.

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144 none vip, but i got 22 dna as well from a strike event

same 1144 non vip, although I didint get from strike tower

Here’s my score
Screenshot_20210530-105139_JW Alive

Kinda hoped I’d get more when compared to my other scores but I am satisfied with what I got, just can’t wait till I am close to unlocking it through fuse and I’m missing 1 DNA

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Not too impressive, but I pulled off 186 DNA on full battery

Managed only 114. Non VIP and within 40 feet. I could’ve done better but at least it cost me nothing to get that much. It’s a good start.


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