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Compsocaulus: Is it OP or is it the saving Grace of Cunning Creatures?

When it comes down to these cute, adorable-looking creatures, a lot of people are divided. Some people say that it’s too OP and needs a nerf. Other people say that it’s great and is a good shake-up for the meta. So, I want to get a poll to see where we are all at, and just discuss about what is going to happen to this creature in the future.

  • Compsocaulus needs a nerf big time. It’s OP
  • Compsocaulus is good for the meta, but it should also get nerfed sometime in the future
  • Compsocaulus is fine as it is. Leave it, it has been great to shake-up the meta a bit.

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In my opinion, it’s a good creature, and even though I’m not an expert, I can say that a lot of people enjoy having a different creature in the meta. You don’t see too many pure cunning creatures hanging around. However, it does seem a little bit OP. It should probably get a minor nerf down the road, but not a huge nerf. Ludia should take there time on adjusting this creature because I like it and it’s something that’s new and can be pretty useful.

Before anyone asks for nerfs, take the time to think about the Apex’s, for one Mortem a fierce creature has a cleansing move and enough attack where that 1 cleansing move can one shot cunnings.


It may eventually need a small nerf, but anything that can shake the actual boring meta is welcome, so Ludia, don’t touch if for now, wait until I get my own, then nerf it next day (as usual). Seriously, so far, it sound like a very nice concept. Many wanted a nerf to the Apexes? Well, flocks (future ones included) can likely be an answer… Swapping is boring? Once again, flocks may be the solution. As they say, “you never know what they will come up with next, life is like a box of chocolates” (or something like that?)


I’ve been thinking that the flocks could serve as a much needed counterbalance to the swap meta. I’m a big fan of the concept, but CompC might need an adjustment. I’ve only faced practicekat’s max boosted CompC once so I don’t have too much experience in dealing with them (and it was an unpleasant experience); time will tell.

It’s fine. It’s strong, but it loses to multiple creatures including the newly buffed Skoona. Part of the reason it seems so comparatively strong right now is because multiple creatures who do beat it are being suppressed by Apexes and Swaps. Fix those issues, and I think folks will find they have more tools to deal with CompC than they realized.