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Compsocaulus is OP - How to counter it?

So it seems we already have some individuals with level 30 in the arena… How to counter it? I think it’s really broken. That flock can distract, remove positive effects… and has immunity to speed decrease and distraction.


What about Mammolania? Seems to do well on the battle simulator at first glance.


But if they have Grypo available they can always swap to it.

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Nuff said

Also, they’re only PARTIALLY resistant to distraction


Any of the towers should do well against it, Spyx does well, Orion wins with almost no damage taken, both Lanias win hard, and Dio gets out with over 3k Hp


as far as I can tell anything with good hp, armor, or a group damaging attack
I still don’t really think it needs a nerf since it appears to be a good cunning, and cunnings are kinda in a bad spot with the resil and or swap in meta so at the moment I think its ok


I love that a cunning is now rising and becoming op. Time for a change!


Nitro thor! Group rampage!


Nope. I just spent about 5 minutes in the JWAToolbox Battle Sim. A Nitro Thor loses to a Max Speed, 10 attack boosted Compso every single time if they choose the correct moves

Not really. I used fully boosted Gemini against it and I still lost. I also used 148 speed Spyx against it and I lost as well! It’s clearly too OP and that person that has it at that level knows it.

I’m surprised others don’t question this level 30 in the arena. Ludia just added it in the last update.


The one I faced was 154 speed if I remember correctly. So I don’t think it can deal with it as you said.

I disagree. Spyx is one of the best cunning dinos. Just because we have to many resilient moves it doesn’t mean Ludia should add ridiculously OP creatures that you can’t even beat.

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You know your gemi does beat compyC if played correctly?

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I just checked the simulator. It doesn’t beat it.

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What was the move order?


  1. Restricted Group Distraction
  2. Alert Scurry
  3. Cunning Strike


  1. Group Decelerating Rampage
  2. Definite Shield Advantage
  3. Resilient Strike

I changed moves and it still loses to it. No matter what.

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The move order is above. Even Apex Lux loses to it. I just checked in the simulator. It’s ridiculous.

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Beating an apex does not make it ridiculous lol. I don’t think its OP. It’s strong and Meta changing. Apex shouldn’t be the end of the line as far as team strength. CompyC gets countered by things most are not using. Which is why I say Meta changing. In a boosted environment gemi will beat compyC fairly easy too. Especially with a swapper behind it. With enough attack a gemi will 1 hit KO 2 of the flock and be in range of a swapper. It’s alert scurry move only distracts for 25% while threatened. Just giving some options moving forward. Most are not thinking outside the box here. Only thinking of what they’ve been using for the longest.


I fully agree with this. With how much the meta has been dominated by Resilients and Mortem, I think a Cunning like this is a nice change, and a fun one at that. I’m really looking forward to figuring out the rest of the matchups.


This is not true. I have max boosted Gemini and I lost to max boosted CompyC. Maybe you can share with us your secret how you got it to level 30 so quickly? I’m not talking about using swappers here. In 1vs1 it doesn’t win.