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Compsocaulus is OP - How to counter it?

If you swap in with the unique best case scenario you don’t lose a dinosaur, if they’re resistant to distract, or are using resilient or cleansing you’re -1 dino. If you swap in with compsognathus you gain 1 (which means the swap in is free as long as you were at 2/3 or lower as long as they aren’t using a team hitting move (Pretty rare) it also dodges! which is crazy, if the attack isn’t at nullifying or resilient or 3x the damage of the new compi then you’re +1! which means you can use your heal move, a cunning strike and swap back out with the same number of dinos!!

A great trick is to lead with it, go cunning strike and then the heal hit then swap out (at 2/3) keep it at 2/3 all the time, then it doesn’t matter if they’re faster than you because they wont be killing it. To top it off if you predict someone is going to swap out, swap in your combies, they trap it in, you get a free heal and you can tank 2 hits and leave again with 2/3!

worst case scenario you swap in so you go up to 3/3, they hit you (2/3) you then use heal move and they hit you (2/3) you’re still stuck in for a turn, you could just take the hit and swap out at 1/3 and wait for a good opportunity to come back OR use the dodge move to stall a turn as long as they aren’t hitting 3x a birds health you’ve a 75% chance to survive.
It also only has 66% distraction resistance as opposed to the uniques 33% it can’t be stunned and has a 50% swap prevention resistance.

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i’m at 5k trophies and maining a lvl 18 one on my team (my average team level is 24.5 so it’s not like it’s being completely carried) at the minute I just use it to poke and weaken dinosaurs, as well as to tank big hits such as a cloaked rampage from erlidom that i don’t want other dinos to eat, i also use it to trap in and finish their third dino before they get to use their 4th)