Compsocaulus needs a buff

With the introduction of so many other flock hybrids, Compsocalus is being outclassed. Unlike almost every other flock creature it can’t lock down opponents and with creatures like Thor now being able to cleanse itself while it does a group attack and with Mortem being able to attack the flock with priority. What is even the point of trying to get it or level it up?


I disagree, I personally think compsocaulus is fine with its current stats and attacks


It could definitely use a buff, it’s performing very bad in its meta compared to its ingredient Compsognathus, and some may argue that it’s worse than Compsognathus in general. However, Compsocaulus can’t really be the main focus as to what needs a buff, because there are well over 200 creatures in this game that could use a buff, some needing it much more than Compsocaulus.


Given it is not even a super hybrid, it probably deserves a nerf as it is better than some unique creatures much harder to create. However, there are more pressing issues than compsocaulus.


Just wait until it’s apex hybrid comes into the game,u. Will eat your words

We’ll see if the compy apex even wins

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