Compsognathus (Compy) Update

Did you Know Compsognathus were poisonous?
Change anything if you want too!
Rarity: Rare
(On First level for all)
Health: 750
Attack: 500
Speed: 128
Defense Shattering Strike
Armor Piercing impact
Minimal Counter Attack
Swap in Wound
Possible Hybrids:
Comporaptor (Compy + Pyroraptor)
Scutompy (Scutosaurus + Compy


Immunity passive

Critical chance 15

Change anything if you want to

I would change minimal counter to venomous counter

Would You Like to see Compsognathus in JW Alive?

Contact Ludia if you agree,

Compies weren’t poisonous.

Yeah they were

There venom was enough to kill a baby bird in 2 bites

I think they were only venomous in the jurrassic park movies, i would like to see them in the game though.

They were a little venomous

According to paleontologists

I would still like to see them in the game too. Its probably the main dinosaur creature missing.

One of the attacks should totally send a group of like 3 of them against the opponent lol.

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An idea i have for them is that when you use it in battle instead of it appearing as a lone dinosaur maybe there could be a group. Maybe like a group of four and every quarter of health lost a dinosaur is killed.

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Good idea :bulb:

I would like to see your source for compy venom

Source please. because the only place I’ve seen compys with venom is them possibly having it in the lost world

It’s in the jurrassic park book

those were procompsagnathus in the book, a completely different genus of theropod dinosaur

Oh, ok my mistake.