Compsognathus (File 18 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur concept teasers that should be coming to JWTG!

This creature is very small!
One can be harmless, even pretty but if there are many … well ask Dieter Stark, the hunter of Jurassic Park 2!
He didn’t have a good experience!
I hope it tastes different for you so welcome to Compsognathus!


DNA cost: 7900
Here are the statistics:

Level 10

Health: 867
Damage: 233
Ferocity: 1613

Level 20

Health: 1485
Damage: 399
Ferocity: 2762

Level 30

Health: 2263
Damage: 609
Ferocity: 4212

Level 40

Health: 3203
Damage: 861
Ferocity: 5958


Compy is the best carnivore tournament legendary, with better health than many dinosaurs and an average attack.
Stronger than Metriacanthosaurus and Arcaeopteryx, this dinosaur is the fourth strongest Tournament Legendary ever!

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Which dinosaur do you want me to come out?
  • A hybrid for a Compsognathus
  • A hybrid for Iguanodon
  • A hybrid for a Deinotheirum

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What do you think of this creature?

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If they made Compsognathus flock in JWtG it would be fantastic.

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impressive idea the stats are like edesteus

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it looks like broken fingers

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He’s alright. Maybe not over 3k health

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Yes or no? :thinking:

I don’t mean mean to be rude especially if you aren’t a native English speaker, but this sentence implies that you are correcting Ludia’s actions by releasing the teasers yourself, even if they are just your concepts.

Instead say that you would like them added, not that they should be coming.

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I apologize, but I didn’t mean that. I don’t speak English and thanks for showing me this detail. I will correct it in the next.

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@OstaposaurusBae May I ask why you don’t want this creature to enter the game?
Mine is just curiosity!

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dont worry your ideas are awesome

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No, mine is just pure curiosity!

Maybe give me some advice to not make mistakes in the future!

i think you forgot the cooldown

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I never write it!

i think you should make it

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Thanks for the idea but I don’t think I will!

I just don’t think this game can handle flock mechanics, and there wouldn’t be a purpose if you can only battle with 1.

Plus before any more new dinos we need a severe update to the Amphib roster, with many more tournament hybrids.

That’s simply why. Not a bad concept at all, i just have a preference list.

And it’s ok on the English :wink: it’s a hard language so I understand.

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Ah, there was a misunderstanding, Compsognathus is a normal creature, not a flock!
Also in my opinion the flocks would have no future on JWTG!

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