Compsognathus (+ Flock feature)

Thanks to Tyrannosaurus90s for this idea. So here’s what it will look like in game both base form and final evolution but also I’ll go more in-depth in terms of feeding animations. It’s feeding animation will be it going to the meat and then pecking at it. Here’s it’s card pack, stats, and evolutions and here’s how the flock feature works explained by my good friend Tyrannosaurus90s.
1: There would be three of the same creatures in the enclosure each following the other’s orders.

2: The portraits for the creatures would have three of the same creatures on them.

3: In battle, all three of the creatures fight the opponents. However, each of the creatures, damage on the opponent would only count as one. Likewise, the opponent’s damage on the three creatures would also only count as one. Unlike in Jurassic World Alive, their HP also counts as one.

4: The sole exception to this rule would be when the creatures are being fused, where only one of them appears in the tank.

5: Flock creatures can get hybrids with creatures that aren’t flock ones, but the hybrid can only be a flock creature if it resembles the flock creature.