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Compsognathus idea

What about if Compsognathus come out with very low hp (one hit, one kill), high speed, 0,25 bleeding, constantly in 100% dodge (by move, not passive. Then hit and run. It will be a cool addiction to the game and will make more important nullifies, precise and define moves.


Why the 100% dodge though? That would make it invincible. I always thought that it could have a “Swarm” ability where it would call in more of its species to do more damage and give it more health. I do like the one-hit-KO aspect. You could’ve kicked it to death it was so small.


He is little and speedy, perfect for dodge. That may be the only way for let him survive one turn. He will not be invincible, but request to people bring null, precise or definite moves. A huge hit at the standard meta. A swarm ability is hard to improve, i think.

I think it should standard dinosaur stats but the animation should be a gang of compy’s, and as it takes damage, the number in the gang start to reduce. That would just make it fun.


I was thinking pack attack. They’re also fast and dodgy. The amount of health and attack power they have is based on the number of Compy’s remaining in the pack. When attacked the damage is spread out amongst the pack size but there is an individual roll on each Compy as to whether it dodged or not. Damage is cumulative on the number of compy’s remaining so if each individual’s attack is 100 and 12 remain their cumulative attack is 1200.

There’s some crazy ideas here, I like it. Hope some get in the game

Has been suggested many times, hopefully Ludia will (actually) listen and add them at some point!

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Funny ad interesting, but really complicated to do. Happy to not be a developer :joy: