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Can we see a pack of Compsognathus in the game? Make it epic with the innate ability to dodge and regroup or call for reinforcements. Make them not hurt much but hard to get rid of and can do more damage over time. Damage also increases and decreases per size of the pack remaining. Just want to see some small dinos get in the game.


Love this idea!!!


I like the idea of having 4 diff ones… and every one you get on your team doubles thier attack and defense or something


Ooh! I like how you people think.


Very cool idea


Yes, really cool idea!! :+1:

And I would also love to see a Diplodocus whipping its tail in an attack


Just resurrecting this post, since I was about to make a topic with basically the same idea, and this one popped up in the “similar posts” sidebar.

I would make it an epic, and as you dart it and level it up, you get another dino added to the pack. There could be some sort of swarm move, and if I recall, in the book they had a venom or poison that incapacitated their victim - so maybe a combo slowing and distracting swarm? The possibilities for animations seem really cool too!

So, just bumping this one back up for more discussion!