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Compsognatus strike tower

So… 200 DNA guaranteed or a bit more for some other players?

Another mess…


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Yes it is 200 guaranteed. However, Epic Compy is also part of the epic pot, so if you are lucky enough to get Compy from the RNG reward, then it adds it to the 200.

So no, there is no mess here.


It’s possible, you get extra dna instead of another Epic, you get 2 epics instead of 3. Same happened to me with dakotaraptor strike

If that works like you’re saying, thanks for the info. You should be working for Ludia… At least you can say something that i can understand, opposite to their support… Lol

No joke here, it’s real. I asked and if you could see the answer… Oh boy!!!

Next time i have some doubt i’ll post it here, for sure i’ll be more clarified.

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I’ve had responses from their support before, I know exactly what you mean.


“There are no accidents.” - Master Oogway.

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I just got the normal 200 on each of my accounts.

On the one account, 20 Suchotator got the 1st one, 22 Geminititan got the flock of birds and my sped up Marsupial Lion finished the last guy.

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