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Compy & Dodo Usage

This is my team for the moment for fun as I take time to play with the Compy’s and Dodo’s. Right now I only have these two to team level but will have the epic Dodo’s later this week to add. Coming behind slowly will be the epic Compso’s to eventually get the Uniqe Compso to have all 5.
A couple times of using these, they definitely helped to win for the fact my opponent could only take out one at a time but the rare Compy’s are a little underwhelming with the damage. BUT they work great against fast creatures with lower hit points.

Dodocevia is OK with damage but the kamikaze switch swap-out is useful at the right moments. Fly your bird into the side of a tanker to sink your opponents creature while at the same time putting out fresh meat for the next attack.

The plan for a fun team next month is 5 Compy-dodo’s and 3 big noodles, Gemini, Ardentis and Skoona.

At my level, the boring part is everyone, I mean everyone I’ve fought so far has an Indominus Rex. I was half expecting to go up against other Compy’s or Dodo’s but so far, nobody has them that I’ve played which is surprising with the events giving them out to have them up to team levels. Oddly, I see the top players using the legendary Dodo and Unique Compso’s. I figure they must be decent. They have their strengths and breaks the monotony a bit.


Very strange team. That rare compy surprised me

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