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Compy gen 2 event marked as epic event?

I just saw the compy gen 2 event and it’s showed as a epic event? I’m sure this is a visual bug but to make sure that it’s really a rare event.

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Thanks for reporting this, Dino_cat. I’ll bring it up with our team.

Sadly it is only visual, the rewards are not epic.

Epic strike tower of today turned to have rare incubator as return !!
Is this meant to be ?

It is meant to be rare, it’s just a visual error.

J.C. Community Leader your attention to this matter is required thanks.?.

No it was not todays epic tower was meant to be just that AN EPIC STRIKE TOWER WITH AN EPIC INCUBATOR as a reward for defeating it.!.
But as luck would have it when i defeated the epic strike tower i was very surprised when i was rewarded with a rare incubator instead something must have gone wrong within the game at LUDIA’s end and we were all given the wrong incubator by mistake, which i hope will be corrected in the next couple of days at most.?.

As everyone can plainly see by the event calendar below we should have received an epic strike tower rewarding us with an epic incubator for defeating it but did not because of a glitch in the game.?.


It was the Compy Gen 2 strike.