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Compy is a cancer to tourney!

I find it outrageous a creature has 3 separate health bars as an epic. The only reason I find it ridiculous is because there is limited epic creatures that can attack all of them at once. Then you factor in the creature regenerates when swapped in. Just perfect for a rat race tourney. This has to be fixed!


So what your saying is to nerf compy

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Honestly, no. Give us more epics with attacks that target multiple creatures at once.


Those are the group attacks

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I don’t understand?

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Amargocephalus, Brontolasmus, Kentrosaurus, W. Mammoth, Nodopatosaurus and Haast Eagle are some epics with group attacks that you can use to easily counter the Compy’s. Diplodocus also works excellently against them.


Mortem’s roar move and Thor’s Rampage target a group.

Technically its the attack in a raid that hits everything on the other team

I’m tracking those but you can’t use them in a epic tourney.

I know just examples or what @Chung1580 said

These are ok, but no one level those creatures up. Why do we not have choppers with this capability?

That’s on you if you don’t level them up for tournaments, that’s what some people do, level up some creatures for tournaments only to counter certain creatures.
I gave you examples of creatures that can counter them, it’s up to you if you to decide if you want to level them up, but don’t just say that there aren’t any epics that counter them.


I miss wrote. When I said there were no epics with group attacks. I meant none worth leveling. Nothing is up to me, I just refuse to spend coins on a useless creature only for a compy and epic tourney.


I did predict this day would come…

Compy can be countered, but useful group attacks are few and far between in the lower rarities. The only useful group attacks are going to be group decelerating strike/impact/rampage and group shattering strike/impact. Any non-damaging moves have non-group versions that are just as useful. Group shattering strike isn’t on any rares/epics, and the impact is only on Entelodon. As a fierce, it probably wouldn’t be too effective anyway. For the decelerating attacks in this tournament, Argentinosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Nodopatosaurus, and Tuojiangosaurus have GDS, Amargasaurus, Amargocephalus, Ankylocodon, and Woolly Mammoth have GDI, and Brontolasmus and Wuerhosaurus have GDR. We can actually narrow the list of viable group attackers even further if we consider that Argentinosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Nodopatosaurus, and Tuojiangosaurus don’t do more than 1/3 of Compys health with their group attacks anyway (though at least Kentrosaurus and Tuojiangosaurus have their counters to help here). So really only Amargasaurus, Amargocephalus, Ankylocodon, Woolly Mammoth, Brontolasmus, and Wuerhosaurus are effective here. Of these, only Woolly Mammoth is of the same rarity and hybrid status as Compy, so in an epic non-hybrid only tournament it would be the ONLY dino that can do more than one bar of damage to compy with a single attack, and it isn’t even super viable overall for it’s rarity! It also doesn’t help that this is an advantage tournament, so you won’t see ANY of these dinos at the same level as Compy without overleveling them (which is an option, but not one that will be taken as often as you’ll see level 20 compys). Amargasaurus has two hybrids and a superhybrid, Amargocephalus is used for Tragodistis (and is just kinda bad overall), Ankylocodon has a strong hybrid, Woolly Mammoth now has three direct hybrids and two strong unique superhybrids, and Wuerhosaurus is an event exclusive with a hybrid. Brontolasmus is probably the most likely to see at level 20+, but even it may get a hybrid one day.

The point is, Compy is fine, but it just needs more counters with group attacks, preferably of the same rarity. Diplodocus would be perfect, since people also level it to level 20 anyway. Giving it GDI instead of Decelerating Rampage would not only open up a new and more viable group attacker to use against Compy, it would also mean Diplodocus could no longer destroy 4500 hp dinos in two hits. It’s a win-win! Ankylodicurus could be another option, maybe inheriting a group decelerating impact from Ankylocodon in place of it’s resilient impact?


I think if the rampage of Diplo was a group attack then it would’ve made much more sence. As we can know how giminitian got a group attack and it will make it a compy counter.

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Also Titanoboa

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Scutosaurus : laugh in invinite shield


Armour, shields, bleed and counters all work really well against flocks. So just use any of these and you’ll be good.


Just Devious Stike them to death with the sun flower.



You may be on to something here.

True. Even if you fight witj it or dodo you still lose. I got that this toutament only… no win yet.