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Compy is a cancer to tourney!

And this just happenend… damm ludia you had one JOB

There are a lot of these mis-matches when players just start. I am one who is on the other side of this with the mid 20’s creatures getting matched up to those with level 15’s. I got my 10 takedowns before getting rightly matched.

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Also scuto laughs in one shotting easch member in a strike

Flock creatures can be a pain but they don’t need a nerf.

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Flocks are a pain, but in battles they provide more of a challenge. In my battles I like challenges and trying to beat a difficult team. In my opinion flocks make battling much more of a challenge.


I think you may have missed the mentioning of flocks do not need a nerf. But I do feel we as players need more group attacks.

That challenge you have stated has always been around since boost. You don’t need flock creatures for it either. PvP is doing just fine providing challenges.

And after that battle i just had to fight against rare dinosaurs of max level 11. Of course Ludia of course… ( typical Ludia :slight_smile: )

Indeed that’s true. Or the past battle for the 10 takedowns is easy like very easy…

You just need to bleed it, that’s by far the easiest way to take it down in this tournament.

agreed. The compys can not do anything against thyla. after turn 1 they are forced with a choice to cleanse then rally or rally then cleanse

What I am trying to say is that flocks do not make a direct path to victory. Instead you have to find a way to defeat them using the creatures that you have.

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I agree with you, they’re a pain in the ass currently but that’s mainly because they’re new. once the meta changes to take them into account they’ll suffer more. superiour vulnerability + group deceleration is a great combo as it makes them take more damage and then hits them all

agreed, and one of the best creatures with that is amargocefulus hybrid

True, but more group attacks wouldn’t hurt (and I only proposed two at most, one of which was also a nerf). It just feels off to me that DoT is the best way to take out a cunning.

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True, maybe in the future they’ll have fierce and resilient flocks! I would like to see spinoconstrictor become relevant due to flocks, he would be a great counter


I’d like to see that too. They would probably still have to have fairly low HP: I don’t want to see a 5400 HP dino broken into three bars :grimacing:

mine currently has 4800 hp

I know bleed is a great compy counter. since it is percentage based it can most likey kill 1 and hurt another flock member.

basically all you need to counter the compys is something with enough hp to surive the attacks and something with enough damage to know out one of the compys