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Compy vs. Procompy

So, all of us know that the Compies in the JW series are not the manaraptorid Compsognathus, but actually the ceolophysoid Procompsognathus, and since…

Wait, no? It’s only me and a few other nerds here? Hmm… well, anyway…

Since we have two “Compies” coming into the game, is anybody going to make a head-canon of making them two different species? I might keep them both as “Procompy” simply because they lack feathers. Just curious if anybody else had some thoughts.


Well I hadnt until now… I think I will keep them both procompy because of the lack of feathers, however im curious about the size because from what I understand, comparing full grown size of manaraptorid to ceolophysoid, the ceolophysoid is bigger. Im curious if that is going to change the look between the 2.

I mean, what happens if Ludia brings in a red panda. I mean, “sinosauropteryx.” Obviously, it would use the same rig, but that hardly is an indicator of species relation. (Looking at you Lythronax, Proceratosaurus and Megalosaurus, etc.)
So… I would say that Compy and Procompy would be the same rig, despite the size difference. (3x the mass.)

Okay so further research I was actually wrong… The Manaraptorid is actually slighty bigger however they have so many differences between the 2. Maybe alike in Imagery, different damages/health between the two? Definitely an opportunity to have fun because its a “flock” creature.

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If Ludia could introduce Sinocalliopteryx, the largest compsognathid …


That’s the same size as [Troodon] and larger than the IRL Velociraptor. Now we encounter another dino-nerd issue. :rofl: