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I have come to the understanding that you forgot ALL about these little ferocious buggers, and a certain dino that fell prey to the Tyrannosaurus Rex in Jurassic Park. I am but of course speaking upon the no availability for these two magnificent dinosaurs. One being the ever so tiny yet ferocious, Compstenangthus(i think thats how its spelled), and the Wildebeast like Dinosaur, Gallimimus. Can anyone in those crap offices of design please care to explain why these two were forgotten about???


They weren’t forgotten, I’m sure. Compys and Gallys will probably make an appearance in-game, eventually.


I understand but tracting the same dna during vegan hours is quite boring. They need to add them and for making us wait should bump every dinos spawns except for rares and uniques down to .003% encounter rate and boost the compys and gallys spawn encounter rates to 55.98% for a set period of time say for instance starting at 6am no matter what your times zone(6am hits in your time zone, this should take immediate affect), until say 2pm(again no matter your time zone)…


Compsognathus and Gallimimus aren’t currently in the game. It’s probably in the future We’ll see them. Just be patient. Ludia’s probably working on it.