Concaved again guys不

stahppp :rofl::rofl::rofl: me want sino

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Did Epic scent capsule. Got 2 epics. Concavenator and Concavenator.

Although I did get about 8 Rares.

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Soooo annoying

Stop it guys he needs love :grin: nobody wants him i feel bad for this poor dino

Concaved lol.
I love counter-attackers, and Immune is part of the meta. Ludia, please fuse Secodonto and Concave to give me an Immune Counter-attacker!! :pray:t2:


@Ardens That would actually be quite an insane dino fusion :joy::scream: i like the idea!

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Still going for every concavenator I see since I live in Local 1 holding onto hope that maybe it will get a good hybrid one day.

Yeah that would be cool. Both are fairly useless on a team by themselves, but a hybrid might be nice.

They both need a hybrid too.

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They need a hybrid if ludia is gonna use non fusable epics to block the ones we want when using extremely expensive epic scents!! IMHO

Ludia we need
Stun immune dinos, its the most broken,frustrating move in all entire game

We do have them

We have immunes by stun immunity i mean immune to stun only but can bleed,be distracted,be decelerated etc
More passives would be cool

But why?
If theres already things Immune to stun, no need to make another form of immunity specific to it.
That means creature changes, creature additions, move changes, stat changes.