Concavenator Pack

When was the last time a Concavenator VIP Pack was released because I’ve been waiting for a long time ever since I got a surprise Concavenator from one of those special packs you can buy with Dino Bucks. I’m contemplating using my 100,000+ Loyalty Points on Solid Gold Packs and hope for the best. Do not I am not VIP or ever plan to.

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There is a dedicated thread here for that order:

Each VIP 20,000 LP packs stay in rotation for a week, meaning it takes 20/21 weeks to cycle through all of the VIP dinos.

Looks like Apata is the current pack, so it could be 10-11 weeks, depending on if the Wooly Mammoth pack is offered or not this cycle. Still is a small wait, but at least it’s only halfway through the cycle and didn’t just past her :sweat_smile: