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Concavenator vs Rajasaurus vs Majundasuchus


Wich do you prefer? Is there one dominant here? Anyone think its wurth to have a specialist like this on the team?

Majundasuchus lvl 10
-1617 HP -433 damage
-5% crit - 108 speed
Pinning strike
Short defense
Ferocious strike
Cleansing impact

Rajasaurus lvl 12
-2180 HP -483 damage
-20% crit -104 speed
Pinning strike
Long protection
Extended critical strike

Concavenator lvl 12
-1957 HP - 557 damage
-5% crit -106 speed
Pinning strike
Short defense
Armor piercing impact

It seems to me like raja is the winner here with much better crit rate and skill set and best HP.
Now ofc majung is 2 lvl lower and easier to lvl and has an extra skill to add.
Was wondering if i should add it to my hybrid team but im not sure he will be that usefull in higher arenas.


But…your Raja should stop evolve when it arrived lv15.
Cuz you’ll need those DNA for its hybrid - Rajakylosaurus.

Rajakylo just got a new move able to increase 60% critical chance.