Concede button please


Since all of my posts keep taking hours to review by whatever moderators have to approve them I guess I’ll just post something so simple they don’t have to actually read it.

Please implement a concede button.

I’m so tired of being forced to sit through battles where I lose as soon as I see the level difference.

EDIT: Good god why did this topic go through but stuff that I actually take the time to write out gets stuck in moderator hell.

Switching every dino in game

I second the request. Most of the time I suspect that I’m fighting a bot when this happens, but whether I am or not, there is often a stage of battle where I can see where it’s going (3 of my 4 dinos have health < 100 and my opponent has a healthy Velociraptor on the field, for example) and I hate wasting what is sometimes my very limited game time waiting for my butt to be handed to me, kicked.


Bump because like my wife says, “sometimes you just want it over with”.


Yes this is what they need to introduce and I wouldn’t care about the cheats as could make sure they don’t waste my time! Don’t mind losing as can learn from a loss but time ain’t free!!


There needs to be a way you can leave a battle. Because honestly when I encounter this, I hate the game play because it just drags on and on and on…


Seconding this.


I concur. There are battles you just can’t win so just let them have the win and you can get on with finding a more balanced opponent.


Or they could just fix the matching system


We can dream. Will it ever happen though?


I know this post has been rather active lately but for the love of god…I’m in Ruins losing every match I’m playing against people with dinosaurs 5 levels higher than mine while I’m just trying to win some ****ing incubators.

Either improve matchmaking or allow us to surrender. It’s been a half hour and I’ve only won 1 match, this is ridiculous, waste of my time.


Same :joy: I just want to survive there to get my Gallimimus dna


It would be a helpful tool although, it would also make it easier to lose on purpose to drop arenas and focus on spacific Dino’s. I’m considering it now but dropping 1500 :trophy: will take forever


I would like to see something like this, but what I would like is when the timer times out waiting for the opponent to choose their move the game asks “Your opponent is not responding. Do you wish to continue the match or concede?” But only at the SECOND time the other player doesn’t respond (probably due to their game locking up)