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Concede button please

That’s your opinion a large majority already cease pvp during tournaments that could be contributing if we had a concede button! The age of slow tank battles is over but a majority of players are casual and don’t have 1-2 hours to slug out some matches every day fighting uphill with no hope of victory for half that time or more!!!

I’m lucky getting to the point I have a few uniques(6) that are a few levels higher than creation so it’s like 25% of match-up there is no hope but that’s fine and not too big a deal! Allot of players in mid range having 75% of matches where they have no chance in hell apart from extreme rng streak in their favour

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As the topic says: we need a forfeit option.

The reasons to have one are myriad:

  • The outcome is already pre-determined by the first match-up (via RNG, a poor play, etc)
  • Someone is facing dinosaurs 5+ levels higher than them and it’s simply not worth it to play it out
  • Real-life hits and we can’t finish the fight so as a courtesy we can just forfeit
  • Those of us who drop arena levels can do so faster without disrupting those we’re facing on the way down

Every other PvP game seems to have a forfeit option. Why doesn’t this one?

Please consider adding one in a near-future update!


Yeah, this is needed when you have no options left due to low hp of remaining two dinos.

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I can see the usefulness. Especially when you see AND know that you’re not going to win.

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Agreed with the first three, but four should not even exist. Any decent matchmaking should get rid of players who are simply unranking themselves so they can stump lower level legit players very quickly and not spend much time battling. Programming decent matchmaking is something any programmer learned very early in school. You wonder were Ludia got their theirs from.

I dislike it when someone drops down a bunch and then crank their A team. A level 28 tryko opening for the opponent around 4800 trophies is a bit frustrating.

However, not all droppers are doing this. I’m fighting in the lower arenas now with a team of level 10 to 15 critters, bouncing in the expected range. When I come back up, I’ll try working through dinos level appropriate as I climb. It’s a challenge to use dinos that normally are benched, particularly since the ones that are hybrid ingredients and over-leveled for my current arena are off the team by default.


Still, wouldn’t it be so much better if matchmaking was decent instead, and looked at your dinosaurs before matching you with somebody else? Players who want to drop arena could still do so (and be matched with somebody with relative dinosaurs). You want to have fun with level 10 dinosaurs? Drop, select all low dinosaurs and be matched with similar dinos. You want to get DNA from lower level, but still use your high level dinos, then do it, and the game should match you with somebody with similar taste. It’s not that hard to implement an algorithm that assign values to dinosaurs, and match players. But as it is right now, there’s always way too many people who like to lower their rank, yet, still use their huge dinos to stump legit normally ranked players. Heck, with a decent algorithm, players could even stay at their rank if they want, pick 8 low dinosaurs, and get matched with somebody 3 ranks below with similar dinosaurs without affecting anybody. I would be curious to see the retention numbers for this game. Until they fix matchmaking, Ludia is likely loosing tons of new players, instead of keeping them. Not good for the game.


Well, just to make my point clearer, this is somebody I just fought, Jurassic Ruins, level 20, but only 3585 trophees. Isn’t it amazing that matchmaking can match you with a player who has a level 25 Indoraptor as most people who are entering Jurassic Ruins are still dreaming to get Indominus Rex, and are so far from even getting Indoraptor (and we’re not talking level 25 even!). Simple matchmaking should simply take dino level into account, not trophee count.


Sounds good. I’m just saying having no option to drop down is not a good solution, which it seemed was your point in saying “four should not even exist.”

I agree it should not exist, but the way things are currently implemented that’s what our reality is.

Ideally, what I’d like to see is the following for the arena:

Once you unlock a particular arena you can choose that arena, or any below it you’ve previously unlocked, to receive those rewards for the next immediate fight.

What I’d like to see for matchmaking:

Teams are locked to include dinosaurs that are only 3 or so levels apart from each other, and then matched the the closest averaged equally-leveled opponent currently looking for a fight. Granted, this might make matchmaking take longer, but it might also be offset by the fact that this might be appealing enough to get more people into PvPing at any given point in time. It also means people can’t upset the average (i.e., using that level 25 Indoraptor along with a bunch of level 10s in order to stomp smaller people).

What I’d like to see for trophies:

While trophy count will progress to unlock arenas and will still matter for tournament rewards, they will be based on the current trophy count. That means that I can progress and keep gaining significant trophy count while using my themed level-12 sauropod squad, or I can go entirely legendary for more strategy, but I progress without having to spend time to intentionally reduce my trophy count and drop arenas. My trophy gain will then be increased against higher-rated players and be reduced by newbies; the only “stomping” of newbies possible will be through skill alone, because the dinosaurs used will be still on par with one another. I.e., I use my level 12 team and fight two other level 12 teams and my trophy count is, say, 3500. I beat the other two teams. Team 1 was only rated 1200, so my trophy gains are relatively low, like 15-20. Team 2, on the other hand, was rated at 5000+ so my trophy gains for beating them is something like 40-50. The losses would also be somewhat comparable; if I lost to a higher-trophy opponent I don’t lose as much, but if I lost to a newbie I’d lose a significant amount. However, because I can play based on creature level by choice, there’s no reason for me to intentionally drop arenas.

What I’d like to see with rewards is simply greater reason to keep fighting if my four incubator slots are full, especially with these changes since we need more people in the queue at various dinosaur levels.

Never mind. Thought you were saying this was a thing, rather than a feature you would like to see.

Agree. Would be nice

Yes please. Guess its not a huge deal though, as I dont mind setting down the phone and taking the dog out or making a sandwich when its an obvious waste of time.

Had to fight some dude last night with 300 more trophies then I, and the whole team was 5 levels higher then my highest dino. Yep, took out the dog AND made a sandwich during that match. :wink:

Can someone please explain to me why in the name of all that is holy do we not have a forfeit button yet? When the opponent brings 3 evasive dinos, kills off me nullifiers and then dodges everything I throw at him why do I have to just take it? Why cant I just forfeit and get on with finding another match?


Many dreams will become reality after the next couple of days!

Careful what you wish for. It would probably be a huge button in the middle of the screen with no confirmation if you accidentally hit it…


A concede button is almost as important as the ability to save teams. Constantly building a team when you switch from the arena is why I often rather don’t open the app…

How about a conced button that when pressed, you give up but then a bot takes over.
Basically you would leave the match and lose the trophies, but the other player who was winning would still get to play out the match like normal…in case they are playing for fun and not incubators.

Because it would see, unfair to the ones battling for the sake of battling, to suddenly have the match end when they were winning.

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Hey this ancient topic got bumped, but I’m glad it did because your post got a good chuckle out of me :rofl: