Concept 8 : nasutoceratops gen 2

10+710 (((122
20+967 (((210
30+1402 (((415
40+1710 (((721


Cool. Last idea smilodon gen 2 (camp cretaceous version) and Entelodon gen 2

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For concept 9, there will be a tyrannosaur called carcharodontosaurus and a pterosaur called cryodrakon.
Level 10:Same as any other tyrannosaur.
Level 20: the top part of the body turns red while the bottom part of the body turns blue.
Level 30:the colors swap while the middle part turns orange.
Level 40: 2 horns appear above the eyes and another horn appears at the front of the snout.

Level 10: Same as aerotitan.
Level 20: the wings start turning gold.
Level 30: The whole body turns silver while the wings turn gold.
Level 40: the wings get covered in feathers while spikes round the neck and body but not the wings.

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I wanted to differentiate it from camp cretaceous because smilo gen 1 already looked like it