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Concept of New Hybrids

Here are two hybrid creature ideas I’ve had, they might be a little strong, but I just wanted to do some concepts of them, but of course if they come into the game there’s no problem with a little stat change.


They are decent, but where does Bajadagossaur get Group Ferocity and a full counter attack from? I would give it taunting bellow for the Group Ferocity, and just drop the counter. Also maybe Group Decelerating Rampage for the normal Decel rampage. Decelerating Impact is kind of redundant, so that could be something like Lesser Group Heal in place of Swap In Heal. Swap in Defense isn’t too good, so either remove it or possibly change it to Swap In Invincibility.

Now to Nodobertossaur. Health, Attack, and Crit Chance are too high for its components. The health should be around 4200-4500 at most. Attack should have went way down, not up. Nodo only has 950 damage, so this should have around 1400-1500. Crit should be maybe 20 percent, but that’s the least concerning part. I would actually increase the armor to around 25%. 110 speed works for it. Now to the moves. Only thing I would change is for Bellow to become a Group Shielding Move. The other moves are fine. Now to the resistances. Most are fine, but I would change the Bleed resistance to Vulnerable Immunity and lose the stun resistance.

Overall these are pretty good, just look more into your components when you hybridize them. But these are pretty cool ideas.

What’s with the SS on each hybrid? Also rip cunnings, Alberto shouldn’t fuse with any resilient.

I made several singles, my favorite is Spinotarixis, for being different and innovative. But overall I liked all the dinosaurs and all the new abilities.

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The SS was a problem in the translation had not seen this error I will fix it. Whereas Alberto merged with Resilient, I just wanted to think of something interesting for him - I didn’t think about the type I would merge him with.

Thank you very much for the tips. I will fix everything today.

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You don’t have to. I’m just giving suggestions. These are your ideas and your creatures. Do what you want with them.

And with the type, it’s mostly that with Alberto having Killer Instinct, it helps it to counter Cunning better. But with type, just make sure that the label matches the moves and resistances.

OK, but I’ll use your suggestions to improve them.

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These are very good ideas. A tip that you can try to crop the images like I did to make them more presentable, you don’t need it if you don’t want to is just a tip for the topic :blush:

I remade the previous Hybrids and created the ultimassaur a dinosaur that I would like to see both in games and on film. I used these dinosaurs to create it because it is made of 5 different species missing only 1 which would be ankylosaurus.

Does anyone know how to edit topic? I don’t know how the forum works, I would like to know how to edit my topic.

I just don’t crop because the image loses its quality a little, at least mine.

Ok no problems