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Concepts for JWA

Any new concepts for dinosaurs, if possible using JWA Toolbox and a drawing!

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For instance:

I know it looks like Allosaurus G2, that’s what it was based on


Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 2.54.24 PM

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I drew Indosuchus before on my thread ‘I’ll draw your concepts for JWA’.

Also I think Indosuchus is an actual dinosaur - maybe Indomsuchus?

Needs to be nerfed.

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indosuchus is a real thing
and I am sure that thing will fit right in with the current state of the arena lol



Thought that the Ceratopsians deserved some more love.


No way this thing wound ruin the arena :scream_cat:

It’s pretty easy to kill with Fierce Dinos

Pretty easy have you even look at it’s stat there is no possibility a fierce could kill it that easily

There’s a fight calculator on the site used to make this image that allows me to put it up against other dinos. I’ve been putting it up against a bunch of dinosaurs. Indom kills it, Alloraptor kills it, quite literally anything with a fierce move kills it.

Ok I got that but the fight wouldn’t be fair it is went against cunnings and resilients

Ok, but it has absolutely ludicrous stats, and I just realized its kit requires a non-cooldown strike like everything in game, so its op and broken no matter what, boosts would make it even worse


I can nerf it if you really want.

How are cunnings suppose to survive the crit or even get a hit off with it having 100% armor, I can see how its a joke but its alarming to see people say its decent and can be countered


That good? I nerfed it’s crit to be only 5% and it’s armor to 15%.

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oh I was talking about this thing

Sorry for the confusion, I saw dinosaur_attack speaking of the creature quoted and I came into this believing you were also talking about it responding to him. Your creature looks pretty good I think, though a bit overpowered I think, mainly because the combo of a decent crit chance, a swap in, a counter, shield breaking and making rampage may be a bit much for it. Can’t really say much else because I am not good with stats and kits and can really only tell when its something obvious like the creature I quoted, once again very sorry for the confusion


Ah. It’s alright man.

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