Concepts of 3 new Superhybrids that should be added


Components: Zalmonodon + 5000 Gallimimus DNA
Stats: 5629 Attack and 15,550 Health
Animation: Mid-size Pterosaur
Announcement: Watch out when traveling with a helicopter! Something is flying in the way of the pterosaurs!
Release Date: January 21 2022

Erliphosaurus Rex

Components: Erliphosaurus + 5000 Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA
Stats: 5450 Attack and 17,925 Health
Animation: Small Theropods
Announcement: Small but Deadly! A creature which is very small will become extremely deadly for the others including Indoraptor and Metriaphodon.
Release Date: March 4 2022

Components: Pachygalosaurus + 5000 Triceratops DNA
Stats: 5412 Attack and 30,638 Health
Animation: Scorpios Rex
Announcement: That first dinosaur. The true form of the first dinosaur is coming!
Release Date: July 15 2022

Note: This is only a suggestion so that means that there is no way that the requested Super Hybrids will get added.

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Feel like that’s too op, a tourney hybrid + sdna is too op…
Ostapo and suchorpterus should be shybrid


Did you use toys for this ? If so they look cool

Those are all WAY too OP

They are not my toys, I just saved images for the purpose of the concept.

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pteramimus, dilophosaurus rex and ultimasaurus toys. you can find them in jurassic park wiki.


Idk about the first 2 but Ik for a fact that the last one is ultimasaurus

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