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Concerning Alliances

Since the introduction of alliances into the game, many aspects about it have become unbelievably annoying and painful to deal with for everyone in said alliance. Most of the issues fit into two groups.

1: Alliance management. This one is the most important of the two. Currently alliances can contain 50 members in total, but without any means of sufficient management provided to the alliance leader. Alliance leaders can accept new members and kick members. But besides that, they have practically no control and no privilege to see which members are participating and which are only there to beg for DNA from everyone else. Having twenty or so members who do not contribute to alliance missions or donate to others will drag any alliance in the mud. Currently there is no way to tell which members might be doing this and there should be. Alliance leaders are being put under pressure for things they cannot control, yet they should have the ability to do something about it.

2: Alliance rewards. This is honestly the most frustrating aspect about alliances right now. Since the introduction of this feature, the rewards have not changed. Sure, those rewards are good for players at levels 1 - 10, but after several weeks of receiving the same DNA over and over… Guess what. No one needs it anymore. I have lost all motivation to participate in the alliance missions simply because I have gathered so much of the offered DNA and do not need any of it. Not even Sinoceratops. I’d imagine other players are in agreement or at the very least bored of receiving the same DNA every week. Considering the crazy amount of effort and time it takes to reach the maximum reward tier, these rewards are not worth half that time. At least not anymore.

Suggestions: As a regular player of this game, I’d like to express here some ways these issues could be fixed. For alliance management, the solution seems simple. Providing alliance leaders with more control will do wonders. They should have a way to view which players donate, to who, and how much. They should also have the option to see how much participation players are contributing to alliance missions. Alliance rewards are probably more tricky to work out, since they give a crazy chunk of DNA. I understand that it would defeat the purpose if all alliance rewards offered DNA needed for creating top tier hybrids, With that in mind, I won’t suggest these rewards offer common Velociraptor and Allosaurus DNA (though that would prove quite useful and motivating to work toward). Instead, I simply suggest the weekly rewards should change every other week or even every month. And each time they change, they could include one very needed type of DNA. For instance, currently the most valued DNA in alliance rewards is Sinoceratops. Perhaps if the rewards were to change for a month, they could offer T-rex in defense or Kentrosaurus in exploration for the epic reward. And another month they could give out Velociraptor in defense or Parasaurolophus in exploration for common rewards. I don’t know about other players, but I DO know I’d be excited to help in alliance missions if the rewards worked like that. Right now I’m fed up with the same results and so are many of the others in my alliance. I think changing alliance rewards would also give other alliance members a drive to continue to participate. And that in turn will help everyone else in the alliance.

Thanks for reading! I hope you can see where I’m coming from. At this point, I want alliances to be improved more than I want any new content.


Agree wholeheartedly on everything you have said

I’m sure I agree with ya here, but it’s too long to read word for word! As an alliance leader, tools and rewards definately need addressed

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In all honesty tho, even if Ludia did implement management tools, I’d only expect them to work as well as the alliance chat does…:man_shrugging:

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But until they actually do something none of us will know how effective they are.
Better to try and fail than never to try at all