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Concerning Corythosaurus

To date Corythosaurus is the only non-legendary creature that does not have a partner to be able to merge and create a hybrid, so this poor little animal turns out to be abandoned to itself… :disappointed_relieved:
Do you think it would be fair for Ludia to consider including a half-data hybrid from Corythosaurus in the game?


Yeah it needs a hybrid, I wouldnt mind if it got fused with one of the legendaries that needs a hybrid, but preferably with one of the tourney herbivores so that it can be like a herbivore erliphosaur statwise.


We also have Aerotitan that hasn’t got a hybrid.


You are right👍

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Jurassic Dinos not used in any hybrid:


Then there are too many aquatics and cenozoics left unhybridized for me to want to list. I’ll do it if y’all want me to though.

With these we could get 2 Herbs, 1 Herb/1 Ptera, or 2 Pteras with the rarities ranging from 1 Super Rare (Cory + Aero = SR)-1 Legendary (Shuno + Scap = Legendary), to 2 Legendaries. This is of course assuming Ludia doesn’t scalp them into terrible Tourney Hybrids, OR even worse, hybridized with aquatic or ceno dinos…

I do enjoy the merging of dinos from 2 of the 3 biomes, however I would rather Ludia give these last remaining singles a chance of being a decent hybrid rarity even outside of Tourney hybrids. Plus Ceno dinos are extremely weak and expensive, which is why we see Glynthorax be a C-tier Tourney Hybrid yet costs 15k more than Allonogmius.

We could get a far stronger SR Ptera than Tropeogopterus by combining Aero and Cory, and another Base-Legendary Hybrid Herb/Ptera to make up for the lacking Suchoripterus or Unayrhynchus.

Buuuut being realistic here Ludia will scalp them up into Tourney Hybrids more than likely with there being a higher chance among the Tourney dino possibilites. To think what could have been :pensive:


It would be awesome if she would be fused with Iguanodon, Para Gen 2, Dracorex or Edmonto to create a strong herbivore hybrid.

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what about corythosaurus+aerotitan=corythotitan
aerotitan can kill it self in 2 hits so corythotitan can kill self in 2 hits


It would be better if Corytho is fused with a tournament dinosaur, so that a strong hybrid can be created.

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How about Corythosaurus + Edmontosaurus = Coryedmontos (3196 hp, 1982 attack damage)?

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You mean corymontosaurus. Those stats look too weak for a tournament hybrid.

In my opinion, Coryedmontos sounds more unique than Corymontosaurus. The hybrid can’t be very strong since Corytho’s stats are not that good. I would think of 5831 hp and 3798 attack damage.

What do you think instead of Corythosuchus (Corythosaurus + Gryposuchus)???:sunglasses:

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Cool but can you share the stats

Well, I really don’t know I hope strong enough anyway

Stronger than gorgosuchus.

That’s not how naming works , at least so far in game.
Hybrids take either one of the parents ending or a regular taxonomic name.
Cory is stronger than allo . Edmont is weaker than banano . So the hybrid should be close to allongomius in ferocity.
Neither of the parents are glass canons so your stats don’t make much sense. Then again we’re playing a make believe game. But i think it should have at least 6k health but less damage.
I’d say about 7k health and 2200 damage.

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That would be an awesome strong amphibian hybrid :flushed:

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In fact, there are too many carnivores and too few amphibians in this game

Zalmonodon says otherwise to your theory on stats.

Armormata says otherwise on your theory with names.

Just a couple of recent examples.

Ludia doesnt really follow the ferocity of tourneys in comparison to their hybrids, look at how OP cerazinosaur is and how weak pteraquetzal is compared to there components.


Isn’t armormata derived from an ancient armadilo ? At least that’s whay i thought till now . I could be horribly wrong.
That’s why said

Anything possible. My opinion is about what i think it should be.
The stats imbalance baffled me at first when i saw indominus rex is much stronger than ostaposaurus. I think ostapo should be stronger than i rex , but what can i do.