Concerns when a new amphibious hybrid is released

Anyone else afraid that when Ludia finally gives us a new amphibious hybrid, they are gonna be like: “Well, here’s your amphibian hybrid you waited so long for. Now you have to wait another five years for another one”. I just have a suspicion that Ludia will pretend to think we’re satisfied with just one new amphibian hybrid and then wait a long time to release a new one.


@Keith said it will come next year and it’s not far.


No he did not.

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As long as it’s good and not a tank who cares, just need 1 top tier amphib hybrid to fill the gap for a while. If it costs 80-90k DNA it will take even the most dedicated players some time to amass several lvl 21+ copies.

Anything to give a reasonable option for building a late game amphib team. as of right now the only option is building a full team of lvl 40 gorgo’s which is less than ideal.


Yes he did, he directly replied to me and said it was next year


My hope is that the initial new amphibian hybrid will land around Armormata ferocity, and then another one will come around Cerizanosaurus ferocity. With one option of a glass canon and another balanced with their stats.


Exactly what I was thinking