Conclusion after 2 Weeks with Sanctuaries

My thinkings about Sanctuaries right now are:

  • Level Santuaries is to hard.
    With our Alliance we only get 2 Sanctuaries at Lvl 8 at Maximum, after 14 Days.
  • The DNA you get is much to low
    Only 4-5 DNA for feeding a Epic Dinosaur? only 40 DNA for an common? When the Sanctuary is Level 7.
    How long should I feed to level an Lvl18 Dino? :wink:
  • Reset of Sanctuary is buggy
    A Dino which is in a 14-day Reset Sanctuary is away. In the Dino Overview it is already in a Sanctuary.
    When I click on the button nothing happen, because the Sanctuary was resetted
  • You can not share a Sanctuary manually with your Alliance
    When you have all 4 Dinos in it, there is no way to share until they left the Sancutary after 2 days

Here is my conclusion.

  • All alliance members should focus on a single sanctuary. The higher level the more DNA per feed.
  • At level 20, sanctuary can hold up to 24 dino which is more than enough to farm.
  • Put maximum duplicate dino of 6 (or less) for each type because you can only get 6 food per day and you only get full DNA amount for each first feed.
  • Feeding epic dino generate more XP to sanctuary than rare and common.

Here’s my conclusion:
Sanctuaries are too much hassle for too little gain.

Just look at the available sanctuaries around your town/city, they are ALL empty except a very rare few (not counting yours).

They are a currently a bust. It could have been good, but they Ludia’d.


I interact every few hours and get 60 desired Epic dna per day. Throw a dino in when the timer runs low and get 5 desired dna when it returns. Takes a few minutes and they give the items out to interact with for free.

What is to complain about? They are not giving me 600 dna for a few minutes effort?

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The petting zoos are an ok addition, the main problem is that 1.8 needed to be everything but sanctuarys, and it wasn’t even close.

There was a ton of wasted dev time involved on 1.8 for an un-needed feature that very few seem to even care about.

All we (most of us normal people) wanted/needed was some major rotations to the extremely stagnant DNA availability (arena exclusive dna and alliance quest rewards) and some guild leader tools. Not too much to ask for IMO.

The overwhelming amount of developer neglect on this game is inconceivable to any normal person. Hard to believe they are still in business to be honest.


my conclusion… sanctuary should be fun. dont make it like work. ive gotten lots of irri dna from this. so its a big plus

Same here I’m always slowly farming irri. Got a couple fuses out of it already. I think they’re really nice, but need some work for more fun out of them.

Like 1 special return maybe…a golden sanctuary that you can place one dino in that’s not shared and you get more dna than the usual sanctuary. And when its returned it spawns near you. Perhaps 2 golden sanctuarys a week?

Idk some experimenting can be done.


i agree. also a privacy feature would be nice so that if you are doing themed sancs nobody drops unwanted dinos in them. sometimes members feel like since they have 4 dinos to share that they must share them…


Yeah lol it happens quite a bit. But they haven’t even upgraded alliance tools. That one sounds up that alley xD

I really think Ludia should add the gold sanctuary idea. We can slowly farm the others as we are now. A small amount of dna is better than no dna. So I like it.

And with 1 personal gold sanctuary a week, we could use that one to get a little extra excitement. It could be 1 dino and when it returns it spawns for a darting. It could last for 1 feeding, 1 playtime, and 1 interaction. Then it returns with that spawn. 1 gold sanctuary a week as we don’t want to be spoiled by anything.

Experimenting and thinking how to improve it is open to a lot though, I think its just the start of them. They have many other things they need to work on xD

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Sanctuary is good for some dinos. Although the reward is low, it is already better than spending 2 weeks waiting for a Mono Epic spawning. In 2 weeks, I may have collected 100-150 Mono DNA (don’t know the exact as I haven’t worked this out) from a sanctuary for levelling my Monostego.

Oh good so I’m not the only one who never sees mono epic xD I live in area 3 and its still the rarest dino like erlik when it was in area 3 lol.

Yes exactly though. Do you want 0 dna in two weeks of a dino or at least get enough for a fuse by farming here and there…

We managed to get to 10 on 1 and a bunch around 7-8 . The return DNA isn’t much but level 10 feed gives a bit of DNA if you cooldown the interactions in between I find.

-Regardless sanctuary’s doesn’t give enough hardly worth the time. Also finding myself struggling to have the amount of required interactions to do my daily missions . Didn’t finish yesterday as I didn’t receive enough and I don’t miss a stop or incubator. They need to fix that.

Or I’m doing something wrong lol

It’s a BaryG2, Wuerho, and Dracorex goldmine for me. Also good for Erliko DNA even if it’s tiny amounts.

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doing something wrong. you should be able to get 6,6,6 items everyday. when i wake up at 7 am i open my first 6 hour then i can get the next two in 12 hours… sometimes i have to wait till 8pm to respin the stops but all this is avoided if you just save them for that day. since they do it every other day.

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Maybe it’s the day reset and I’m using before the missions reset? Only thing I could think of. But the daily mission should reset with my daily spins/stops but they dont.


yeah it would be cool if they sync.

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Most of us don’t have the spare time to play this game 4 times a day for an hour each time.

TBH, that’s the biggest issue. I just don’t care enough about this game to be that dedicated.

If the game wasn’t so buggy, and Ludia actually listened to, and conversed with th4e players, I might feel different about the game. But they don’t, so I don’t.

sorry Charlie. thats what it takes lol and its totally doable.

its funny how the world is ending for some players but for others they are content.

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The world isn’t ending for me. I used to play this game for hours a day. Spent probably a grand on it. Realized what a time sink it was for little return. It was fun while it lasted. I really wish they took a different route with the game.

I play on break and lunch. Don’t care about finishing all the requirements, I just have fun with it.

Don’t worry dude, people turn 18 every day. There are still plenty of people willing to throw cash at this game for a few months before they move on.