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Confessions of an arena dropper

I continue to see a great deal of angst over arena dropping. I have absolutely no idea why people consider it somehow ‘unfair’. Arena dropping has many legitimate purposes. Usually if I am arena dropping, that is not my goal, it’s just a side effect. My goal is to get used to playing certain creatures that I don’t currently use on my arena team, mostly in advance of advantage tournaments. Why does anyone have a problem with that? Yes, eventually I’ll go back up and beat some teams in the process. But I am also LOSING to teams on the way down. You are just as likely to get a free win from me as you are battling me on the way back up. I can’t just magically put myself in the Library, I have to DROP to the library, or wherever I end up.

I agree that it’s bad sportsmanship to start a battle and ghost out, but I never do that. I get the battles over as quickly as possible.

Once I find the balance point, I’m going to stay there until I’m ready to put my A team in. Personally, I try to upgrade the team slowly and take some time to climb, but even if I put in my best team, I am going to take out a handful of teams, just like I gave trophies to a handful of teams on the way down.

Arena dropping is not a violation. It isn’t even an unfair tactic. It’s simply the only way to test out a team of dinosaurs against other teams of equal strength. I have no idea why that’s such a huge problem. Lots and lots of issues that should be addressed in this game, this is NOT one of them.


People aren’t really upset at players that drop due to bad circumstances or are trying out new/ other creatures. They are upset about the players that drop 3 or more arenas to intentionally use creatures that have a massive level and boost advantage to the average player in that arena for easy wins and incubators. Basically farming more novice players which makes people not want to play if thats what they have to contend with on the regular.


I can farm incubators at any level. What you are describing is unsustainable, and anyone who has ever tried it knows that. It takes FOREVER to drop, and during that time, you get ZERO incubators. Once you start to climb, you can’t farm very many incubators before you are back at your level. Anything you gain once you’ve dropped only makes up for what you lost by dropping. It is a zero sum game. You don’t gain any advantage by doing what you describe. I don’t believe anyone does what you’re describing because it makes no sense to do so.


It makes more sense when for some players stuck in Aviary/Library it’s faster to drop and farm incs via dropping than grinding where they belong, especially n places like Library.

There’s also people out there who do it because they enjoy crushing noobs. They’re the ones usually spamming emotes.

What you do (dropping to test things not possible at your level) generally isn’t frowned upon, at least in the circles I’ve been in


I agree more with this statement. Anyone who unlocks a new dino generally wants to use the dino on their team. I barely unlocked Spinoconstrictor. I can’t put it on my general team because it is only lvl 22 (spinoC). Most of my team is lvl 24 (testac, and pouk), 26 (entelolania), 27 (phorurex), 28 (scorp gen 3), and 23 (compC and parasauthops). I’ve tried it a few times, but it doesn’t perform great.

When I want to try out a new dino as such, I put the favored new Unique on my team, and one other lvl 23-24 unique on my team. If I get both uniques in the game, I try to win after letting my opponent smash my 2 non-uniques. Otherwise, I play with an all random team and mess around to give the other player a chance to win.

Yesterday I played a game with Majundaboa lvl 21, Dilophoboa lvl 20, Spinoconstrictor lvl 22, and arctacles lvl 21. I generally play around 4.9-5k trophies, but I dropped to 4.5k trophies. I won but it was a 3-2 win. It is fun to use a bouquet of different dinos. I do all snake teams, mostly turtle teams, mostly deer teams, mostly scorpios teams, etc. It is fun to play with a variety of creatures. This is a game, not a job.

I’m not sure why others think I should stick to my whole unique team when I can still play with a respectable mix of challenging dinos that are possible to beat 400-500 trophies under my normal level. SpinoC regularly gets destroyed to Indominus Rex lvl 23-25. Players still play with uniques around 4.4-4.6k trophies. I can still win without even having a single unique on my team. Strategy is everything.

Also, I run incubators 24/7. Once I get up to 5026 trophies, I start to vs lvl 28-30 teams with mostly boosted dinos. I may lose multiple of these games in a row despite getting 2-3 on a ton of them. I’m a lower level putting up a fight, but I hate when these games last more than 5-10 minutes. I don’t want to sit and try hard and still get obliterated by a really boosted dino. I somewhat wish we could obtain incubators other ways or choose to cap our dinos lvl to fight others around a similar range.


Agree. If you do this because you enjoy crushing noobs, then you are probably the same guy that wants to wag his finger at me an yawn. Bad sports. I think its bad form to ghost on a match as well. It’s my impression though that most are doing it for the same reason I do. And especially late in the season, I hate being in the shores, because most of the matchups you end up with are unwinnable. Shores matchmaking is less than ideal, especially for someone who can barely get there. They will just yo-yo in and out of the shores. Getting matched against a team with twice as many trophies as you have isn’t fun.


That’s true. I hate to vs dinos that are significantly higher than me. 2 levels? Psh… No problem. Lvl 30 fully boosted when I received only LVL 23 and 24’s? Big problem. I don’t even try to win those ones because I know there isn’t any chance. If I had my LVL 27 phorurex or 28 scorp gen 3, that’s a different story. I can destroy a thor, gem, ardentis, and many others with phorurex. Scorp is situational but destroys most things when brought out at the right time.

I’ve only made it to 5k trophies 3 times so far. The last 3 months I made it to 5k trophies then stopped trying to get further because I don’t see myself getting further unless I get 2-3 more dinos similar to scorp and phorurex that are higher in lvl and boosts. My parasauthops has 21 boosts - 10 hp and 11 dmg at LVL 23. It’s a beast. It is helping me win less likely games, but it still can’t win the impossible games yet. Slowly and steady.

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The point that has been made elsewhere, including by me is fully boosted thors, spoons and paras are regularly popping up to skittle estates & low aviary players.
I agree with a couple of posters in terms of facing dino a level or two above you, if you’re particularly skilled at pvp, it’s going to happen regularly, and in those circumstances I do more than OK. However when teams of level 25-30 uniques are running around estates demolishing players who at best may have one or two uniques it’s disheartening, especially where it means your limited gametime is mostly spent trying to grind your dbi & a handful of incubators.
There are different forms of dropping (although I don’t agree with just banging your top team in period), and it is specific forms of it that I and others are railing against, especially when a capping & classification solution is so straightforward and already operates in raids & campaign.
One final point, my understanding is that the constant use of the yawn emoji specifically is an attempt to call out droppers as opposed to used by them.


I agree, but the point is that those teams can’t stay where they are and beat everyone. That isn’t possible. They are going to move up. Every team you put out reaches a balanced level. You can’t be balanced and over powered at the same level.

As for the yawn emoji and the finger wag emoji, I was speaking in general terms. For the most part mine are off because they add nothing to the experience and are used mostly as a form of poor sportsmanship.

If players with lv 20s and below are consistently showing examples of many matches against lv 30 unique teams in very low arenas, then there is an issue. Enough people are ending up there that shouldn’t be that we continue to hear about it.i don’t see a way for teams like that to be jsut on a bad streak to reach that low, which to me says this is deliberate.


Explain apex creatures and level 30 creatures in badlands then :see_no_evil::woman_shrugging:t3: It happens and trying to find a reason is pointless cause I don’t think anyone except those doing it can tell you what the benefit or fun is.


yres i believe there should be a minimum lvl people can drop to a safety net for that need it…big losing streaks everyone has had them and help those in the lower tiers have at least a chnace of going up.
so any creature above lvl i don’t know…20 they wont be able to drop lower


Again, if a team is too strong for its current level it won’t stay at that level. So if these teams you claim are overpowering you constantly are winning every match how exactly do you think they can remain at your level? It’s simply not possible.


Why can’t a team I select be allowed to compete at its balanced level? How exactly do you stop me from putting in low level commons and dropping as far as I want?

So you object to people deliberately losing to you? Why?

I know the mechanics but you can gain some and lose less also you know perfectly well that even if you hit the next arena you’ll still get matched up with those high up in the previous one. Swapping to a creature for one loss just go fall back into the previous one to win two of the next is still lucrative.

The battles themselves and the takedowns you do get all count towards missions which, in a lot of alliances, is still a very high requirement.

So you lose one in order to win one? Again why would someone do that? There is zero advantage in it. None.

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That’s not what I wrote is it?

You lose one to win at least two.

And again it’s not just personal gain, a lot of players do it to boost the missions quickly with a ton of battles (win or loose doesn’t matter) and takedowns.
Eventually that behaviour is still rewarded with high mission rewards (wether they’re worth it or not is another discussion)


No you can’t lose one and win two. Not unless you lose to a team way better than you which is again impossible in your scenario. I know you may perceive this is happening but it isn’t. Because the math doesn’t work.

For me to drop two arenas I have to LOSE around 35 more matches than I win.

If I drop to aviary and I loose there I loose 30-40 points. If I win I gain 20-30 points

So yes it does work that way because the game recognises the difference in player level /team strength

I understand the amount of battles you need to loose is significant. And can consume a lot of time. On the other hand; once you’re there you can (as described) manipulate the system to stay there as long as you wish and gain more than you loose and lost in the first place. Way quicker and easier than on your own level. So yeah it pays off unfortunately