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Confessions of an arena dropper

And the players that have to deal with it eventually get fed up and drop the game. If novices don’t feel that sense of progression or the leap to the next stage feels to drastic, they won’t stick with it.


So what you claim people are doing is intentionally losing with their strongest team so they can beat up on two weaker teams then do it again? So what’s the problem? They are handing you 40 free trophies. Then they beat you twice to get 20 each time. That’s what you think people are doing? To what end? Sorry but I don’t buy it.

You’re obviously not here for a conversation just for pushing a statement. You may feel about it your way I feel about it very differently. And honestly in my alliances it’s prohibited to drop only to use OP creatures for a win. If you drop your team drops accordingly or you’re searching for another alliance. I do not condone bullying in any way.


It’s better to farm campaign missions for battles (you can do 2 per minute campaign 20.2 for instance).


That’s the thing with matchmaking, the droppers won’t face the same opponents they gave wins on the way down so you can’t just gain 40 and lose 20 two times. It’s more like you’ll gain 40 and two other players will lose 20 each.

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But if this is as prevalent as is being claimed, then you are going to run into both of those kinds, right? If there a tons of teams that are doing exactly that, you should see that happening all the time. And ultimately, SOMEONE is getting those free trophies. You could as easily benefit from this as the other way around. Eventually, this all evens out.

Bottom line, if this is about farming, that’s bad form, I agree. But the solutions I’ve seen proposed would simply prevent me from ever testing out my advantage teams or trying new creatures. Maybe the solution is to make all arenas based on trophy counts, but I suspect someone would find some way of gaming that and we’d be right back where we started. There should not be a rule that prohibits me from putting whatever team I want out there.

I agree. Same with strike towers. I just don’t think that dropping to the aviary to farm is really that huge an advantage. If I was to try it, it would take like 40 losses just to get there in the first place. Hardly worth it. Anyway, I’ve said my piece. I see nothing wrong with dropping. Glad my alliance doesn’t see an issue.

Maybe a level cap for creatures at each arena could be added like the one for raids. However I don’t know if it could lower the level of stuff like apexes below 26.

It can since there are some strike towers with epic creatures with levels below 11.

True, I forgot that. So that would be the best in my opinion.

Intermediate campaign likewise, although arena cap should involve level AND commonality classification.
Concart, I had 8 battles this morning (all dinos 3+ levels above mine again, but separate issue and all that), I won 5 and lost three, lost about 30 trophies overall, your argument in terns of one to one is massively flawed when such a trophy gain/loss disparity exists.

Evening update to refill my Inc’s, and to paraphrase sound of music ‘the arenas (aviary & estates) are alive with teams of cheats’. :laughing::sweat_smile::rofl:

This just tells me that you are making up that difference with skill. Highly skilled players reach that balance point at a higher trophy count because they simply outplay opponents with inferior teams. I’m guessing that a lot of people who have posted here are the same way and that can lead to an odd perception of falling when you aren’t or those teams being’better’ because the roster is better.

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A goal of getting use to playing certain creatures before an advantage tournament. That is the absolute worse excuse I’ve ever heard. You can easily do that in friendly battles. Just making excuses for being unable to win in higher arenas.


Seriously, how do not get suspended on a daily basis, first you abuse and insult up and coming players for being annoyed about players actively dropping & now you attacking an admitted dropper! Really just can’t help but try and bait both sides can you? At least this gentleman had the stones to admit what he does and attempt to provide some reasoning and explanation as to why. I may not agree with him, and have pointed out flaws in some of his thinking within this thread but at least he has some ‘minerals’. So how about you keep the trolling to twitter and the like?

I don’t abuse or insult anyone. I am just against people complaining about other players. There are people who grind and grow and people who complain online.

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As far as dropping goes, once you get to the Estates, you start getting the AI after 2 losses so you can lose continually to the AI but you only lose 20 at a time but gain 40 if you win beat it. It is hard to drop once you get to the pity AI’s. It is faster to drop against the AI’s than beating them, gaining 40 to lose 30 twice before you get the next pity AI. In this area, other players are not benefitting from droppers.

Gaining can be done without putting out the best over boosted creatures, depending on how low you went. You can slowly put on slightly stronger creatures that at least allows your opponents to get a takedown or two and they don’t feel as though they were slaughtered. Most are just trying to get their 10 daily takedowns. I think most know and understand they are plateaued with their teams and this is why I think most are just trying to get takedowns for their daily which gets the 12 boosts they really want.

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Hope your deer is enjoying their popcorn. Looks delicious

As I pointed out above, that argument lacks consistency, in one mornings battling I kept track of everything, won 5 lost 3 (no ai matches) and wound up a bunch of trophies worse off.

Rousseau, there is a difference between those who complain needlessly and ghost who have a point. Not only do those in this instance often have a point, as they are clearly among the better pvp players to be where they are at the point of their development they are at, they are often the very players who are grinding hardest only to see players who don’t want to play the game in a fair and equitable manner spoiling the fun aspect for them. Have some respect as those are the very players who the game dies rather rapidly if they are lost in significant numbers.

That is purely your opinion that these players are better at pvp and are in a higher arena “then they should be”. If they are so much better as you say why haven’t they climbed out of the aviary.

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