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Confirm button for ANY GEM purchase

Please, for the love of everything that is good, professional, do the right thing… and add a damn confirmation button for ANY AND ALL GEM PURCHASES!

It’s not fair having these damn massive revive buttons placed smacked right in the position of our default thumb position. This has been requested years ago. I’ve requested this several times, even opened a support ticket.

If I spend gems accidentally one more time, I’m quitting this game because the level of greed is too great.

This request is the right thing to do. You already have confirmation button on other gem purchases, so it’s not a massive ask to add the same function to any and all gem purchases. Just add the wrapper already, please.

Enough is enough. Thank you.


I’ll pass this to our team, @DylanRamsey. Thank you for the suggestion and feedback.

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Thank you so much. NED :slight_smile:

I hope you have better luck than my support tickets and this forum.

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The battle chests keep getting me. The spend gem button overlaps with the fight button. I’ve lost probably 100 gems this way. Very irritating.

/signed, just happened to me too. 75 gems, revive team…boom. Make a damn confirm button!

My phone doesn’t do that. What are you playing on? Maybe that will help the Dev’s fix it.

Iphone X, if you hit the button, the gems are gone, no “are you sure?” Or the like

Which phone are you using? I am using the Samsung Galaxy S9+ with the most up to date OS. Also, can you post a video grab of you pressing the REVIVE button and the system showing you a pop-up window asking you to confirm? Right now, EVERYONE loses their GEMS without a CONFIRM POP-UP when they accidentally press that stupid oversized button placed smartly where a person defaults their right thumb and it is timed in such a fashion that as you rage for losing, you thumb hits it in that sweet spot.

This “clever” greedy rouse has been outed and the DEVs need to resolve this. Every game out there has a confirmation button when you are about to execute something that uses rare currency. Here’s the kicker, this game already does that in other areas when you use gems, it asks “Are you sure”. But it doesn’t do that for the REVIVE and other GEM PURCHASES. It should be across the board “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DO THAT”.


I wasn’t answering to your question. It was meant to reply to retsamerol. The forum doesn’t work like it should.

I’m using an android device, but it should be the same for every device.

If you press on a battle chest there’s a popup for opening it without waiting by paying gems. This button overlaps with the fight button on the previous screen.

When I brush against a battle chest unintentional when going for the fight button I’ll just open the chest early instead of queuing for PvP.