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Confirm button for upgrades

I’m sure lots of people have accidentally upgraded something by mistake. I did alanqa to 16 a long time ago. So I think there should be a confirm button.

Maybe not on every upgrade but if you’re going to go past the level where it creates a hybrid it should let you know.


We keep saying this but they have not added it xd


Have already sent emails to support with this. It happened once with epic anky… Now my poor tryko stuck on half 23 for ages…


Mine was irritator lvl 16 lol

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While I agree with you… scan the forums of Ludias other games and this isnt a design oversight. This system is working completely as designed.

Once you understand designing a layout the encourages these kinds of accidentals both via iap, and evolving… you can begin to look at Ludia for the kind of company they are and everything makes alot of sense.


Yes, people have wanted this from the beginning, v and yes, it is like this by design. Absolutely intentional.


Yep, been an issue since as long as I can remember. Not in their best interest though as I am sure they want to sell you more coins. As @Tuco says, it is intentional. Why do you think it is so easy to hit that button when you’re trying to scroll up on the screen?

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Because of a simple design that can be fixed, it says a whole lot about the greed that drives this company. I’m also seeing posts how they raised the cost of in game cash for different regions of the world. From $100 to $140. Seriously?? Not sure why I envision all the decision makers sitting around the conference table behaving like The Three Stooges.

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Didn’t happen to me yet and hopefully never will.

So far I haven’t accidentally upgraded something but something in my pants bought an incubator and opened it extracting everything one day as I found I had 4K less hard cash. I don’t even know what I got.

Did it to Baryonyx.

Never say never.

And hope you don’t have such bad luck as the ones we suffered accidentally.

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Same happens with JW TG players

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I hope so too.