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Confirm purchase button


Hey, twice now I’ve accidently bought high priced incubators that I don’t want! The purchase button is far too close to the close offer button.

I look at the offer incubators just to see if it’s worth my while every now and then, so it’s super frustrating to then accidently purchase them! It’s too easy to do. If there were a confirmation pop up at least.

It’s super frustrating as they are not cheap, I know it’s in game cash but don’t forget that real cash has bought that in game cash, and I’m not too happy to have thrown down 2x£20 on something I didn’t mean to purchase!

Please don’t tell me to be more careful haha, I’m pretty good with my fingers, ahem, the close and purchase buttons are far to close to each other.


… >.>



Although, seriously, for something like that costing real money or its equivalent, I second the idea of a confirmation window. Nobody rapid-fire purchases those enough to justify that quick a grab.


Tee hee :wink:

I’ve also almost nearly bought the massive premium incub a few times but luckily not enough cash so the fact it pops up with buy cash is kind of a saviour haha.