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Confirmation button is needed


You know a confirmation button is really necessary i just clicked in the premium drafts accidently i had 600 runes now i’m left with 200 runes and i was planning on saving 4000 runes can i get them back ? I hope this will be taken into consideration

Create a confirm button
Dragon Draft

We’ve been asking for a while, I’m down 2k runes from 2x 10 basic draws. Once my kid hit it getting on my lap and the other my knuckle hit it trying to hit the free one when I was half awake. I have to confirm to use a 3 star dragon I’ve probably gotten 8 of, but runes nah.


Yes please!


I’m sorry to hear that happened, @itami, and I will definitely share your suggestion with our team.


Is there any chance you guys could add “are you sure you wish to use runes” button to the dragon draft page? I took a hold of my phone the wrong way when I went to redeem my free dragon and my finger accidentally hit the “Draft 10+1”…lost 1000 of my hard earned and saved runes for 2 star dragons…

I cry everyday

Would be VERY much appreciated…


just report to support, i accidentally did it too. they give me back half of used runes which is 500 runes. so it’s better than nothing, i guess

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Vikings, this is a feature our team is working to implement in future updates based on numerous feedback from the Community.


nice @Marcus. we think this is a basic feature to have as runes are slightly hard to earn… if runes are free, then this is not needed.


Dont wanna waste runes on 2 star which wrong push

1000runes to get rubbish


is that possible ? how to?


Via the in game support button

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click your profile, click help and support, type your complaint amd attach a screenshot. now wait 3-7 days, they will get back to you eventually

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