Confirmation for downloading data


I love this game and I’m really impressed with the recent updates, however I have been consistently upset by the game downloading patches and using my mobile data without me being able to do much about it.
Edit: To be clear, I’m only referring to the in-game patches etc. Not the updates from the store.

In the better areas of the world, I’m sure enough people are on Wi-Fi or have unlimited data plans where they don’t need to worry about this, but I’m in South Africa where data is still very expensive and Wi-Fi is a luxury that not everyone is able to use.

I have no problem with the game downloading updates and I don’t even mind if it does so on my mobile data. But I want to be able to say no if I can’t do it right now.

Please add a simple confirmation to the game before it starts downloading anything. If this means that a player cannot play until they update, that’s fine.
(An amazing way to handle this would be an offline mode that just allows the player to just view their collected creatures list and use AR mode or something until they update. This could also just be a menu option somewhere in the game for future use with the ability to go online as desired.)

Please ask if I want to update!
Ludia, love the frequent updates, not the data
The game should ask permission to update

If you use Google play there is an option under settings that only allows auto updates if you are on wifi. If you have apple I assume they have that option as well but don’t know for sure.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’m talking about in-game patches. Not game updates via the store.


Yes please on this. It seems to need to download a ton of stuff a few times a day, and It’d be nice if it could only do that when I’m not using data.


My cell-phone is set to do the updates only when wi-fi is available.
Despite this, yesterday this game started updating when I run it outside of my house.

That shouldn’t have been happening. The game should ask for permission.


This, so much this. I have a limited dataplan and use wifi for anything big. But this game burns data like mad. If it stays this way I am going to need to either up my plan or stop playing. With the latter being far more likely.


I want to choose when to update. If you have limited amounts of surf sn automated update is the last thing you want when your away from wifi.

Like just now, allthough being on a fast wifi, I lost a match ( I was winning) due to that I had to reboot and then waiting for the update to finish.



~800MB of app updates and in-game updates over 2 weeks is ridiculous. C’mon Ludia think of the children! :laughing: