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Confirmation for purchase and evolve please


If I was going to improve anything on this game it would be a confirmation button for evolving and purchasing.
I have already evolved about 4 or 5 creatures at least one level accidently and bought two extremly expensive and of course useless incubators when I have to put the phone with the game on, in my pocket, for some reason.
For instance, today I was out walking and hunting DNA and saw somebody needed help with their car. I immediately put the phone in my pocket and helped them out. I took my phone out, and was horrified to see I had yet again made an incubator purchase.

Confirm button needed

This is something we have all asked for before and have gotten the response it isnt something they plan on adding at this time. For exactly the reasons you describe… unfortunately you have to be deligent and turn the screen off with this game. Or you can end up making some expensive purchases.


Accidentally bought an epic incubator. No confirm button. I wansn’t watching the screen, i was opening the free 6 hours incubator and accidentally bought an epic one. No confirm button. Result: 5000 cash thrown away. An amount of hard cash of the value of 40 (FORTY) euros (the in-app purchase of 2600 cash has a 19.99 euros price.)
Can’t believe that in a game like this the lack of a confirm button is made because of negligence. I refuse to do it. The fact that irritates me the most is the fact that in no way you can ask for refund. When i saw the big orange incubator on the screen i tried to close and restart the app but it didn’t help.
So please, add a confirm button for purchase at least to avoid accidental purchases and making your customers angry. As soon as possible.

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There is a confirm button lol. U have to press the epic incubator. And then press the “5k cash buy” button


If u clicked the wrong incubator it doesnt purchase on its own. U have to click buy… So :man_shrugging:


As for confirmation on leveling dinos. Yea that is very well needed


Turning the screen off doesn’t necessarily work. I do that as I enter back into my work building after my lunch time 2 mile walk and the bouncing in my pocket turns it back on and often get several pictures of the inside of my pocket.


I know that i have to click 2 times to buy one. But i was opening the 6 free hours one. So i clicked on the incubators’ section icon, then stopped watching the screen (was in my car doing the scolo event with some friends), then probably selected the epic one with an other part of my hand, then clicked by force of habit in the middle of the screen and when i looked at the screen again this was the situation.

And before tapping the incubator i tried to close the app but nothing. I know that i’ve been particularly unlucky but that’s what happened.
If there had been a confirm button which said: “are you sure that you want to buy this epic incubator? Yes/No” this wouldn’t have happened because i would have noticed.
Same for evolving dinos. If you already have a full bar dna dino and accidentally click on because you are not looking at the screen you can still accidentally evolve that dino. The casuistry is the same, and following this reasoning the dino doesn’t evolve on its own, so the confirm button is somehow present also in this feature. But it’s not.


Definitely evolve confirmation. I used a good portion of my irritator this way some day. I evolved him to 16 lol. Its not actually funny either because this one is hard to get. I was a bit upset!


If you had some kind of protection enabled… be it a password… a pin… a pattern… finger print… face recognition… turning the screen off would be enough. Never been one to run a lockscreen but after leveling stygi to 17 it was enough to convince me.