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Confirmation messages for purchases please?

I was trying to save dinobucks for a spinosaurus that i badly needed but i accidentally clicked the " :dollar:1,750" button that buys the gallimimus. I think the developers should add a confirmation message on all purchases on the game, a bit like asking you “you sure you wanna buy this?” on every purchase available on the game to prevent this from happening to other players.


I am also missing this feature. But I wouldn’t like if you have to confirm every purchase. There should be an option which allows you to select the amount of bucks where you want to confirm it.


Ludia doesn’t want you to have bucks.

Pro Tip: Don’t use bucks to buy dinosaurs, you can use them on so many different things such as speeding things up and buying them back for battle. There’s a Spinosaur unlock coming so I’ll wait for that. What exactly do you need the Spino for?

You can buy dinos with bucks??

This is the right design choice. We pick the amount in game and if it is over that, it asked.