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Confirmation screen

During the last update a confirmation screen was added was added when requesting training. Some like it, some don’t. Frankly my only complaint is that a confirmation screen wasn’t added for spending runes. Once in a while I accidentally click yes to getting fish or wood through runes. It is an accident that only happens when I’m moving too fast to squeeze a few more dragons into training quickly. Yes, it is my mistake, but it typically happens when I have plenty of resources and just need to harvest them, so it leaves me totally frustrated with the game. If a confirmation screen is going to be implemented, I would vote for putting it where it is -most- needed and put one in front of spending runes. An even better alternative would be to put up a screen telling the user that the resources are available and just need to be harvested.

Add me to the “hate” side…

I suppose a fix would be for the game to have several classes of confirmation screens that can be turned on or off in the settings. For instance, I find the confirmation screen for gathering iron to be mostly superfluous (now that the icon shows the cost, anyway).

I like the idea of making confirmation screens a configurable item. I’ve always appreciated it when other games I’ve played provide a configurable confirmation screen before spending game currency. Inevitably at some point it prevents some amount of frustration. I also find that I tend to play those games longer.