Conflicting information regarding On Escape Heal

What would you imagine the ability “On Escape Heal” does? The word “Heal”, first introduced in the ability “Swap-in Heal”, suggests it involves regenerating 25% of the user’s max HP.
Since Entelomoth, the only creature with the ability at present, is a hybrid of Entelodon, one of the creatures with Swap-in Heal, this is a logical assumption.

But is it correct? Well, yes, but actually no.

As you can see, the release notes describe the ability as regenerating 50% max HP, more like “On Escape Regeneration”, as it were.
This fits with what we see in-game, but the in-game description of the move says otherwise.

Based on the name, logic would dictate that the release notes description is wrong, and the mechanic in-game isn’t working as intended, leaving the in-game description as the only reliable source.

However, it is also possible that the name “On Escape Heal” is an intended misnomer, which caused some confusion with whoever was in charge of the in-game description. This would mean both the release notes and the in-game mechanic are as intended.


So wait does it or does it not heal 50%

So okay I feel like that it might change to 25% update is my guess but I could be wrong

On escape abilities are passive abilities. Otherwise it could’ve been swap out abilities. But yeah it sounds weird.

Perhaps the mods can help with this.

I really hope it heal soon 25% next patch, healing 50 for each swap in INSANE.


I’ll bring it up with our team :slight_smile:


I’ve been able to confirm that 25% is the correct amount.

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That was fast!
Well, that means that it isn’t working right in-game. Does that count as a bug or…?

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For the sake of science, would you be able to fully close (kill) and restart your game and then collect a new screengrab of the swap-in heal proc for us?

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Here you go.

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Oh wait, Swap-in Heal? Not On Escape Heal?

Therein lies the confusion! I’d totally misunderstood and had asked the team about Swap-In Heal - which IS set to 25%… “On Escape Heal”, however, was actually set to 50% when it should have been set to 25%, so excellent catch!
We hope to have this fixed ASAP.


Ya makes sense cause having 50% each time is insane so guess it’s a nerf then

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Thank for the info @John keep up the good work


Still wish for a small nerf to attack thxs to persistent ferocious but I think this is fine… for now :smiling_imp:

Wait so OEH should regen 25% ?

Ok they fixe the OEH now it heals 25% and no 50%

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They really are quick at fixing these things, aren’t they?
Anyway, I don’t know anything about coding, so shrugs.

Anyway, thanks @John for the quick response.

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Can you check tenontorex critical % also. It says 20 but it lands more like 40. Please report back. Thank you

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